Newsletter #28 for November 28, 2022

Howdy, y’all!

Joe Hills here, writing as I always do from Nashville, Tennessee with help from our community liaison, ThatTommyBoii!

HermitFan UHC announced for Noon Central on January 22nd!

Several Hermitcraft communities are organizing a cross-server UHC!

This “Hermitfan UHC” will be a group event, with four players from each community playing as a team against the other communities for bragging rights.

Player Selection for our Community

Every community may determine their own criteria for selecting their players.

This community will use the following criteria:

  1. ToxxicGlitter and Yirggzmb will each host a UHC between now and the end of the year, in which only contestants who will be available January 22nd may compete.
  2. The top two players from each event will win a slot in the HermitFan UHC.
  3. The next two runners-up from each UHC will serve as alternates in case any of the winners availability changes before the big event.
  4. Entry is open to $10+/mo patrons

Toxxic’s qualifying round has been scheduled for December 3rd at 11am US Central time, with details in Activity-Sign-Ups > #dec-3-uhc-qualifier.

Yirggzmb’s will be later this month with details to come.

Tommy or I will try to stream those two events for all to enjoy!

Participating communities

The current list of fan communities/patreon servers participating (subject to change):

  • Cubfan
  • Etho
  • GeminiTay
  • Impulse
  • JoeHills
  • Mumbo
  • Scar
  • Vintagebeef
  • xBCrafted
  • Zedaph

Empires adventures continue!

Weekly Pinball Tournament

Junkyard results

Congrats again to Forgantly!

1st: forgantly. 2nd: mikelaposata. 3rd: DarkHorseAsh. 4th: ButterflyGirlKMC. 5th: @JoeHills. 6th: MrHardluck. 7th: Parker. 8th: Kindalas 9th: WrexVerdi. 10th: Laxmi13. 11th: chefnutmeg25. 12th: queendarklady

Getaway: High Speed II

This game is not subdued, it’s as intense as Steve Ritchie can make it!

Minecraft Servers

Everstorm Obituaries

  • While trying to set up in spawn village, a zombie broke down the door and stabbed Chefnutmeg in the back with a pickaxe.

This week’s big streams



Upcoming conventions

I hope to see some of y’all in March for Tennessee Game Days Spring!

Until next time y’all…

This has been Joe Hills from Nashville, Tennessee. Keep adventuring!

Newsletter #27 for November 21, 2022

Howdy, y’all!

Joe Hills here, writing as I always do from Nashville, Tennessee!

Last week’s planned newsletter was initially postponed so we could share the results of a staff meeting we had with guest accessibility expert Joanna Blackhart (and then more stuff happened), so let’s start there!

Accessibility feedback process review

I hired Joanna Blackhart, an accessibility expert in gaming and media, to join the staff and I for a meeting to review our existing processes for handling accessibility needs and requests.

The big take-aways were:

  • Accessibility processes are most effective when they are pro-active rather than reactive, so it would be better for us to ask for accessibility feedback about anything on the agenda for next quarter before decisions are made.
  • There is going to be diligence required before we act on any given request. The burden of that diligence ultimately falls on me, and while myself or my staff may ask follow-up questions of the folks making requests to speed up our research, we need to communicate clearly that they are not expected or required to provide that information for their request to be considered.
  • Moderating the feedback on requests from other members of the community may require a more hands-on approach to ensure folks sharing their own experiences aren’t framing them in ways that invalidate the experiences of others.
  • In the long term, having a staff member with a specialized role taking responsibility for the items above would be optimal, and I’ve approved a couple hours of research time for QueenDarkLady to draft what a position like that would look like in our community in more detail.

If you have thoughts on all this, please provide it on the Discord in the Joe-Hills-Meta > #feedback-accessibility channel.

What’s Tommy got to do with it?

In the past, if something isn’t someone else’s job already, I’ve tried to do it myself. Given the workload I’m facing at the moment, I can’t ensure a speedy turnaround on random things that just pop up, and so as community liaison, Tommy is taking point on tasks that don’t necessarily fit under anyone else’s purview at the moment.

As the community grows and changes, there will probably be a lot of emergent roles that will need to be filled immediately on ad hoc basis before we can figure out what they look like more formally and appoint someone else to do them.

I appreciate your patience with Tommy and I as we face new challenges. We encourage y’all to share your thoughts and concerns in the relevant feedback channels to help us better establish structured processes and roles to handle the tasks we are improvising responses to at the moment. Thank you again!

Still trapped on Empires!

Weekly Pinball Tournament

Medieval Madness results

We had a fantastic showing this week, with 17 participants! It might have helped a bit that I streamed playing the table for almost three hours on Friday night.

The results are clear, despite my best efforts, Forgantly has taken the crown with 122million points! Congrats, Forgantly!

1st: Forgantly. 2nd: Hardluck. 3rd: JoeHills. 4th: Mikelaposata. 5th: RIX13. 6th: Laxmi13. 7th: SamiHiggins. 8th: QueenDarkLady 9th: WrexVerdi. 10th Drewbacca81. 11th: Kindalas. 12th: ButterflyGirlKMC. 13th: NJCoffeeJunkie. 14th: ChloeTGAP. 15th: Parker. 16th: Mike. 17th: Chefnutmeg

Fish Tales

Forgantly wins again with 254 million points in Fish Tales!

1st: forgantly. 2nd: RIX513. 3rd: Joehills. 4th: MrHardluck. 5th: MikeLaposata. 6th: Laxmi13. 7th: ButteflyGirlKMC. 8th: NJCoffeeJunkie. 9th: Parker. 10th: QueenDarkLady. 11th: Kingu. 12th: kindalas. 13th: superstone. 14th: ChloeTGAP. 15th: ChefNutmeg

This week’s table: Junk Yard!

This week’s table is Junk Yard, in which you find junk to build a craft capable of space flight, despite not being a billionaire! An angel and a devil are there to guide you as you break into a man’s place of business and throw toast at his dog! It’s a tale as old as time!

Minecraft Servers

Everstorm October closes

Our October Everstorm using the Ledger mod is now closed. If you have feedback about how being able to see what anyone changed around you felt and how it would affect your gameplay on a longer-running SMP server, please let us know in Joe-Hills-Meta > #feedback-everstorm.

Obituaries and Survivors

  • SuperStone died after being clown-cannonned by the ender dragon.
  • MisterLantz fell victim to the assassin enderman that had it out for him.
  • Kindalas survived despite Tommy’s insistence that I be exposed to danger.
  • MagentaAvocado: Supply short one pearl / Into the portal we dove / Victory was claimed
  • Laxmi13 made it to the end and back, literally, thanks to the help of friends and overpreparedness.

Everstorm November opens

ToxxicGlitter’s new Everstorm is a friendship adventure through hell. Get started in Realms-and-Servers > Everstorm-November-2022


  • While trying to set up in spawn village a zombie broke down the door and stabbed Chefnutmeg in the back with a pickaxe.


Petitions for Deep Slate Nine Vanilla, Vanillish and Modded were held last week, and you can find all the details at:

Other notable streams recently



Upcoming conventions

I hope to see some of y’all in March for Tennessee Game Days Spring!

Until next time y’all…

This is Joe Hills from Nashville, TN, joined by ThatTommyBoii, our fantastic community liaison!

To those who celebrate, Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels this week!

Keep adventuring!

Newsletter #26 for November 7, 2022

Howdy, y’all!

Joe Hills here, writing as I always do from Nashville, Tennessee!

I’ve returned from about a month of traveling and am back at the reins of the newsletter this week, with Tommy assisting me.

Thank you very much to Tommy for working on the newsletter while I was away and thanks to everyone on the Discord for being flexible with our vacation mode experiment. I haven’t seen a lot of communities try something like this, so I’ll be writing a standalone blog post on how vacation mode went as a resource to others that you can expect later this month. I’m in the outline phase of that draft, and will be reading the feedback y’all share in Joe-Hills-Meta > #feedback-vacation-mode as I evaluate where the experiment succeeded and fell short. If you have questions or feedback you’d like to see considered as I write, please try to share those in the #feedback-vacation-mode channel by the end of the week.

We are out of vacation mode and the channels on the server are writable again, but that five-week break was only my first step as I work on shifting out of crisis-mode and re-focus on long-term planning. The last few years have been incredibly stressful for many of us, and I’m proud that with y’all’s help, I’ve been able to keep things going day-to-day despite many wild uncertainties.

It’s time to move past day-to-day survival, though, so I want to thank folks for their continuing patience through January as I use this quarter to reflect, re-visit, and re-evaluate in preparation for future strides.

I’m also trying to use the extra energy and focus provided by the channel culling to improve my creative output. If y’all have any thoughts on how my creative work in October and November compared to that earlier this year, I’d love to hear it in Joe-Hills-Meta > #feedback-creative

Our next quarterly meeting will be held on January 21st, 2023 at 11am US Central Time, and the current agenda is:

  • Creative work in 2023: episodes, streams, and songs
  • Vacation mode moving forward: how it will work and when to use it – Joe
  • Review accessibility implications of screen readers and consolidated channels -Meep and Joe
  • Frequency of channel culling – Joe
  • Adding channels back to discord – Joe
  • Review server emotes – Kindalas

If you’d like a topic added to the agenda, please submit it via Joe Hills Meta > #next-quarter-new-business-agenda-requests.

Empires Crossover

Grian’s Rift has stranded us on Empires SMP, but I’m figuring things out as I go anyway with a little help from my friends:

I appreciate False extending an invite to the Hermits to participate in the EmpiresSMP segment of this year’s Love Tropics fundraiser benefitting Project Seagrass. Over $8,000 was raised during our two-hour segment alone toward a weekend total of over $25,000! Thanks to everyone who stopped by and contributed! It was fantastic seeing so many familiar names in the donation queue.

Minecraft Server News

Categories created for each SMP server

Our server operators Yirggzmb and ToxxicGlitter requested new categories and channels for their SMP servers, and I delivered! You can find those in the category list directly below the S9 server categories.

Upcoming Petitions

  • Modded: on-server, Sunday November 13th, at 11am US Central
  • DS9: on-server,  Sunday November 13th, at noon US Central
  • Vanillish: asynchronous via SMP: Vanillish by Yirggzmb > #vanillish-petitions

Weekly Pinball Tournament

Monster Bash Results

Congrats to Forganty for securing a sweet Halloween victory on Monster Bash!

1st: forgantly. 2nd: WrexVerdi. 3rd: Mr_Hardluck. 4th: ButterflyGirlKMC. 5th: JoeHills. 6th: Laxmi13. 7th: Parker. 8th: NJ. 9th: badgerspanner

This week’s tournament: Medieval Madness

This week’s table is one of my favorite of all time, and I hope you have the chance to play it yourselves someday!

The exploding castle is incredibly cool in real life, but Pinball FX3’s simulation of it isn’t bad either! This tournament is open through Sunday night, and details for joining are available in Activity-Sign-Ups > #weekly-pinball-challenge

Other streams this week:

HermitCraft 9 – Empires too

Don’t forget, VODs of my Minecraft streams will no longer appear as uploads on my YouTube channel, but will instead be added to the Minecraft Streams playlist which you can find at:

Crafts with ZombieCleo

Dracula: Chapter XIX feat. BadgerSpanner

Upcoming conventions

My schedule is pretty light for the time being, but I hope to see some of y’all in March for Tennessee Game Days Spring!

Until next time y’all…

This is Joe Hills from Nashville, TN. Thanks again to Tommy for assistance on this newsletter as always!

Keep adventuring!

Newsletter #25 for October 31st, 2022

Howdy folks!

It’s Tommy time! Community Liaison ThatTommyBoii reporting for newsletter duty!

First and foremost, Happy Halloween! If you celebrate with costumes or confections, tricks or treats, scary cinema or spiced coffee, I hope you have fun! For those who don’t celebrate there’s still discount candy to look forward to!

Now let’s get into the news!

Pinball FX3 Tournaments

Creature From The Black Lagoon results

A previous champion rises from the dark, congratulations to WrexVerdi!

1st: Wrex. 2nd: Mr_Hardluck. 3rd: JoeHills. 4th: forgantly. 5th: ButterflygirlKMC. 6th: kindalas. 7th: Parker, 8th: Laxmi13

This week: Monster Bash

Who will be the victor this week? Hopefully not just Frankenstein! Get into the Halloween spirit with this table, information to join can be found in Activity Sign Ups > #weekly-pinball-challenges

Minecraft Server News


The Halloween build contest has concluded! Thank you to Outpost Not Kansas for hosting, and congratulations to MagentaAvocado with Team Earth Kingdom and Elijah for winning first place!

If you’d like to see their float, along with all the other participants, you can view this VOD of the contest and judging.

Information on the next holiday parade float build contest will be available soon. Stay tuned!

Everstorm Obituaries

There aren’t any obituaries to report for the week, phew!

If you have yet to check out the Everstorm server, you can find information on it in Realms and Servers > #everstorm-october-2022

Modded 1.19 Fall

ToxxicGlitter has announced the date for his first ever server petitions! Join the server or send in a proxy on Sunday November 13th, at 11am US Central Time! For the mod list and information on Toxxic’s server you can check Realms and Servers > #modded-1dot19

Discord Server News

Today’s the day! We’ve made it to the end of our first vacation mode! Joe will be unlocking all of the channels, and I look forward to chatting with y’all again!

I know I’ve said it before, but I want to again thank everybody in our community for being so patient and understanding with our need to have vacation mode. You are all amazing, thank you so much!

That being said, I would also like to remind folks that we strongly encourage feedback! Please let us know your thoughts and any questions, comments, or concerns over in Joe Hills Meta > #feedback-vacation-mode.

I’d also like to request some feedback on the last few newsletters, as I have been writing them solo for the duration of this vacation mode. Please direct all thoughts on that topic to Joe Hills Meta > #feedback-newsletter. Thanks!

HermitCraft Episodes and New Short

If you’ve been out of the loop, something big has happened on Hermitcraft… It’s a lot to unpack, so I’ll let Joe’s new short open that can of worms for you!

If and when you’re up to speed, here’s some new HermitCraft episodes to enjoy!

Meet-ups and Conventions

Music City Multi-con has ended! If you missed it and would like to plan ahead to see Joe at a convention, we’ve got one confirmed event next year!

We’ll keep you posted if anything new gets added to the list!

Upcoming conventions

So long for now…

Thanks to everyone who stays up to date with the newsletter! I’ll be back with Joe next week for more newsletter-y goodness. I hope you have a great day!

This has been TommyBoii reporting for newsletter duty.

See you around!

Newsletter #24 for October 25th, 2022

Howdy folks!

It’s Tommy time! Community Liaison ThatTommyBoii reporting for newsletter duty! We’ve got a lot of things to share today, and I couldn’t be more excited, let’s get into it!

HermitCraft Charity Stream Event

On October 23rd, GoodTimesWithScar organized a charity livestream event benefitting Gamers Outreach.  They provide children’s hospitals with gaming carts to give a sense of normalcy and joy to kids.

The original goal of the stream was $25,000. As I currently type this, we have reached over $435,000.

This is bigger than huge, it is absolutely incredible. To everyone who donated, watched the stream, spread word about the event and who support the hermits in general, thank you so much!

This was all because the Hermitcraft community is one of the kindest and most supportive communities you could find. Thank you again and again.

The donation page is still open, if you missed the event and would like to donate you can do so here.

Additionally, Joe pledged to shave his beard on stream if we reached $250,000 and I am very pleased to be able to link you to the VOD of that stream now!

Congratulations Joe and Badger!

Speaking of Joe, congratulations to him and BadgerSpanner! For those who may have missed it, Joe proposed to Badger and they are now engaged! The community extends all their love and support to the two, and we hope they have a happy and wonderful life together.

You can see the engagement photos over here at Badger’s twitter.

Congrats again, and much love!

Pinball FX3 Tournaments

FunHouse results

The fun doesn’t stop, Forgantly takes another win!

1st: Forgantly. 2nd: Mr. Hardluck. 3rd: ChloeTGAP. 4th:Laxmi13. 5th: Misterlantz. 6th: WrexVerdi. 7th: ButterflyGirlKMC. 8th: Parker

9th: Marwood7. 10th: JoeHills

This week: Creature From The Black Lagoon

To get into the spirit for Halloween, we’ve got a spooky themed table from the Universal Monsters Pack! Can anybody end Forgantly’s reign of terror?

Minecraft Server News

September Everstorm Survivors

  • WizardOfDocs made several daring supply runs under the six noses of two Withers, and then moved into Gem’s castle and got distracted by skyblock.
  • MJ used Zedaph’s lab as a base of operations and found Evil X’s stash of Totems of Undying while under the not careful watch of two Withers!
  • Laxmi13 didn’t die because people who came before her created a safe place to hide from the wither.

October Everstorm Obituaries

  • mercurialvoid overestimated their ability to take on a group of skeleton horsemen
  • WizardOfDocs made a valiant effort to help MagentaAvocado with their phantoms.
  • Darth_Skellious was hunting for skeletons and one knocked him into a hole that had two creepers in it…he did not survive.
  • Qwarkeh helped make some weapons, and then got complacent and turned her back to the woods. HISS, BOOM!

Modded 1.19 Fall

ToxxicGlitter has updated the modded server! There has been some patches as well as additions, you can find all the information in Realms and Servers > #modded-1dot19.

Toxxic will also be holding his first minecraft server petitions!

For those unfamiliar, our minecraft petitions involve the players having a meeting with the server’s creative lead in which they bring their woes, grievances, annoyances, or any other sort of issue they might be having.

They may request a solution from the server lead, which is open for discussion to the community members attending the petition. You can also send in a proxy if you are unable to attend. The results vary greatly depending on the server lead.

If you would like to attend there is a poll in Realms and Servers > #modded-1dot19 to select a date that works best for the players. Make sure you vote and keep an eye out for the results!

Discord Server News

As many if not all of you are aware, the discord has been in vacation mode for a few weeks now. We are quickly approaching the end of this vacation mode, and you can expect to see the discord back next week!

October 31st is the day we shall be transitioning back, I hope everyone is excited!

As always when we try new things, we greatly welcome feedback. Once the discord is fully open members will have access to Joe Hills Meta > #feedback-vacation-mode to let us know what they thought.

I would again like to thank folks for allowing us to have vacation mode. Thanks for your patience, see you on the other side!

HermitCraft Episodes and Stream VODs

Some folks may have noticed a change in Joe’s youtube channel. In an effort to tidy things up, Joe has created four new playlists for stream VODs. Now you have a convenient playlist for craft streams, Minecraft streams, Dracula reading streams, and pinball streams!

The King story concludes!

With the story of Ren the King coming to an end, we felt the need to share RenDog’s episode, as it starts off with an epic poem crafted by Ren and Joe! If you missed Ren’s video, you can check it out here!

Joe’s HermitCraft episodes

Meet-ups and Conventions

Pinball Expo seemed to be a lot of fun based off the chatter folks in attendance were having! If you’re interested in a meetup, you can catch Joe at the following conventions!

Upcoming conventions

So long for now…

This past week has been fantastic, there is so much love here y’all. I have never been more proud to be a part of such a lovely community. I can’t begin to express my gratitude, so let’s just continue being excellent to one another!

This has been TommyBoii reporting for newsletter duty.

See you around!

Newsletter #23 for October 18th, 2022

Howdy folks!

It’s Tommy time! Community Liaison ThatTommyBoii reporting for newsletter duty! Sorry to keep y’all waiting, it’s tricky getting all the report-worthy news together in a timely manner!

Joe has hopefully been enjoying his vacation so far, so it’s my turn to write the newsletter again. Let’s see what’s in the news!

Pinball FX3 Tournaments

Space Station results

Another victory goes to Forgantly, how stellar!

Space station leaderboard. 1st: Forgantly. 2nd: Mr_Hardluck. 3rd: Laxmi13. 4th: WrexVerdi. 5th: RIX5.13. 6th: JoeHills. 7th: ButterflyGirlKMC. 8th: Kindalas

9th: MeinsEins. 10th: Parker. 11th: NJCoffeeJunkie. 12th: Winter83. 13th: marwood7

Doctor Dude and his Excellent Ray results

Double congrats to Forgantly for the win, most excellent my dude!

1st: forgantly. 2nd: WrexVerdi. 3rd: Mr_Hardluck. 4th: ChloeTGAP. 5th: ButterflyGirlKMC. 6th: Parker. 7th: NJCoffeeJunkie. 8th: RIX5.13

9th: Laxmi13. 10th: JoeHills

This week: FunHouse!

If you’re like me you’re a dummy who’s waited too long to try out the pinball challenges, come join in the fun this week in FunHouse! Details to join can be found in Activity Sign-ups > #weekly-pinball-challenges

Minecraft Server News


Our first parade float building contest following the B’hala build contest is quickly approaching! Join us on Saturday, October 29th at 10am US Central Time to participate in our Halloween parade, hosted by Outpost Not Kansas!

There are still 4 spaces available for folks to reserve a spot, otherwise feel free to ask to join somebody else! Sign ups can be found in Activity Sign Ups > #oct-29-halloween-parade

DS9 Petitions

Our September petitions for the flagship vanilla server was held on the 1st of the month, if you’d like to see how that went you can do so over here.

The next petitions will be held on November 5th at noon US Central time.


There aren’t any obituaries to report for the week, phew!

The server will be resetting today, October 18th. This is an exciting iteration, as we are test driving some server side mods that would serve the same function as plugins such as CoreProtect. Be sure to keep an eye on the Realms and Servers > #everstorm-october-2022 channel!

Modded 1.19 Fall

After many discussions and testing, Toxxic’s modded server has launched! Some of the features include the ability to request to teleport to another player, additional advancements, concrete slabs and more! There are even mods developed by Toxxic himself, so be sure to check it out!

You can find the full mod list and see how folks have been progressing in Realms and Servers > #modded-1dot19-fall-next


Trick or treat! Server operator Yirggzmb has certainly done a cool trick to give players on the Vanillish server a treat! In celebration of this spooky month Yirggy has declared that sweets are actually good for you! Cookies, cake, and pie will all fulfill more hunger and saturation until the end of the month!

You can join Joe’s discord and gain access to all the servers by becoming a Minecraft Player tier patron over at Joe’s Patreon.

HermitCraft Episodes

Meet-ups and Conventions

Joe held a few impromptu meetups over the course of October, hopefully all the folks able to make it had fun! If you’d like the opportunity to see Joe with a scheduled time there are a few conventions he’s planning to attend below.

Upcoming conventions

So long for now…

Thanks to everybody who reads the newsletter, it means a lot! I hope y’all have been enjoying the more relaxed vibes of vacation mode in the discord, we appreciate being able to have it!

This has been TommyBoii reporting for newsletter duty.

See you around!

Newsletter #22 for September 26th, 2022

Howdy, fall!

It’s autumn! The leaves are changing, and so is your face. I see that smile! Yay!

Staff Roles page added to the site!

I took some time today to write up descriptions and responsibilities for the different roles of folks on staff here.

Feel free to check that out at

Discord prune complete, vacation mode active!

I’ve restructured the Discord and enabled vacation mode per the plan outlined in Newsletter #21.

The only deviations from the plan were:

  • Had to create a new category called “Yet Another Zone of Archived Rooms” after the first one filled up. I didn’t know categories could even get full, but live and learn, I guess.
  • Decided to keep the Friend Codes room writable to facilitate activity in the #players-wanted room.

Thanks for your patience while we give all this a try! I already feel like I’ve got some extra brain cycles free, and hope to re-invest them in the future of this community and my creative work over the course of the next month.

Minecraft Server News

Upcoming petitions for DS9 & modded:

If you need something, show up and let us know!

Our next two server petitions sessions are scheduled for:

  • October 1st at 2pm US Central Time
  • November 5th at noon US Central time.

DS9: Halloween parade sign-ups now open!

As of this writing, we have about half the parade float slots filled for the October 29th Halloween parade build contest.

Our guest judge will be Halloween enthusiast and expert Lucy Western voice actor BadgerSpanner!

Sign up now in Activity-Sign-Ups > #oct-29-halloween-parade

Toxxic’s Modded Server Progress

Toxxic sent me the world configuration and mods list for his upcoming server, and I will be setting up a test world for him to review this week.

If all goes well, we’ll be launching soon!

Signs of Autumn!

Tennessee Game Days Fall 2022

I had a great time at Tennessee Game Days last weekend! You can see photos and my thoughts on some of the games I played in this series of tweets:

Tennessee Game Days Spring 2023 is coming up March 3–5th!

The best way to be alerted when tickets go on sale is to sign up for their newsletter at: Tickets sell out quickly, so keep an eye on that!

We’ve also got a channel for folks looking to coordinate their TGD travel  on our Patreon Discord under Meet-ups > #mar-3-5-tgd-spring-2023.

Weekly Pinball Tournaments

Tales of the Arabian Nights results

Congratulations to Forgantly! Tales will be told of his victory!

A screenshot of the tournament leaderboard for Tales of the Arabian Nights for September 2022. 1st place: forgantly. 2nd: Mr_Hardluck. 3rd: ButterfyGirlKMC. 4th: WrexVerdi. 5th: Laxmi13. 6th: RIX5.13. 7th: NJCoffeeJunkie. 8th: JoeHillsLeaderboard continues... 9th place: Chloe. 10th: parker. 11th: Marwood. 12th: MisterLantz

This week: Space Station!

It’s an old-school space-themed pinball table by Bally Williams. Tommy says it is out of this world, but I don’t think he has actually played it. Find out for yourself! Tournament details are in Activity Sign-ups > #weekly-pinball-tournament

Meet-ups and Conventions

No confirmations yet on the October meet-ups, that’s in my queue for this week. Here’s the conventions I will definitely be at, though:

Upcoming conventions

Upcoming streams

Expect a lot of bonus streams the next two weeks in advance of my trip. I can’t promise when they’ll be, as I’m working around the royal collars, but I have a lot to get done!

Until next time y’all…

This has been Joe Hills from Nashville, TN. Thanks to ThatTommyBoii for his help as always!

Keep adventuring!

Newsletter #21 for September 19th, 2022

Howdy, y’all…

Joe Hills here, writing as I always do from Nashville, Tennessee. We have a lot to cover, so let’s metaphorically grab our ink blasters and transform into squids to fill our tanks! Or just read.

Quarterly Community Meeting Results

Tommy both filmed and took detailed minutes on this quarter’s community meeting, and you can find those at:

Here’s the high level overview of the conclusions of each of the six agenda items:

1. Discord Prune scheduled for September 22nd

Every few years (number TBD at a future meeting), we’ll prune down the number of channels heavily, with the intent to add some back at the next quarter’s meeting. Some Discord features that have been enabled by default in the interim will also be reviewed and possibly curtailed, such as allowing file uploads.

To discuss and provide feedback in general about the pruning, please use the Joe Hills Meta > #feedback-structure channel.

To make specific proposals for consideration at the next Quarterly meeting to be held on January 21st, 2023 at 11am US Central Time, please post those in Joe Hills Meta > #next-quarter-new-business so that Tommy can ensure they are added to the agenda.

The categories and channels that will persist after this year’s pruning are:

  1. Activity-sign-ups
  2. All-specific-except-for-general
    1. 911-emergency resources
    2. actual-rules
    3. current_events
    4. feels
    5. general
    6. identity
    7. introductions
    8. live_event_chat
    9. small_victories
  3. Consume
      1. Arts and entertainment
      2. Bookclub
      3. HermitCraft
  4. Create
    1. All spam channels are kept
    2. work-in-progress
  5. Games
    1. friend-codes
    2. gaming-general
    3. minecraft
    4. pinball
    5. players-wanted
  6. Joe Hills Meta
    1. Announcements
    2. Feedback-accessibility
    3. Feedback-everstorm
    4. Feedback-newsletter
    5. Feedback-structure
    6. Meeting-discussion
    7. Next-Quarter-New-Business
  7. Realms and servers (keep all)
  8. SMP categories and channels (keep all)
  9. Travel (rename to meet-ups, re-focus on individual event channels)

2. Discord Vacation Mode

As proposed in Newsletter #16, the Discord will go into vacation mode when Joe is traveling, setting many of the channels to read-only.

Here is the final mechanism for that:

  1. Vacation mode would start at least one day before I leave, and end at least one day after I return
  2. Set all channels to read-only except:
    1. #players-wanted
    2. #spam-servers-you-operate
    3. Minecraft Server channels
    4. Activity channels for events during that time (like Tommy running Gartic Phone)
    5. relevant travel channels (like, if we’re in vacation mode because I’m driving through Ohio, New York and Massachusettes, the meet-up channels for each stop would stay open)
    6. #live-event-chat (while streaming)
  3. Any issues that arose on the Minecraft Servers would be dealt with by server operators, and reviewed within a week of my return
  4. Any issues that arose on the activity channels would be the responsibility of the organizing staff member to address, and would be reviewed within a week of my return
  5. Any issues that arose on the travel channels  or #live-event-chat would be addressed by myself, as I’d be monitoring them to coordinate the meet-ups or during the streams

3. Modmail tutorial

Tommy has requested three hours to work on creating a text tutorial and a short video tutorial this month. I’ve approved that time.

4. Rules channel visibility

Per suggestion from Kindalas, the #rules channel has been renamed to #actual-rules. It has also been moved into the more prominent “All Specific Except for General” category.

Additions or changes to rules will be made in the #actual-rules channel, then  announced in the #announcement channel as well as the newsletter.

5. New rule explicitly prohibiting hate imagery and dog-whistles

Final text: “No creating or sharing imagery that has been co-opted by hate groups, such as swastikas or Pepe the frog.”

6. New rule prohibiting celebrations of bodily harm or death

Final text: “No celebrating the bodily harm or death of a real person.”

Minecraft Servers

Upcoming Petitions

Our next two server petitions sessions will be October 1st at 2pm US Central Time, and November 5th at noon US Central time.

Toxxic’s 1.19 Modded Server

Toxxic is still accepting feedback about his upcoming server launch in Realms and Servers > #modded-1dot19-fall-next.

The exact launch date is TBD, but our current plan is for Toxxic to turn over the config and mod list to me by the end of this month, so that I can have a version of the server ready for testing the first week of October.

Everstorm obituaries

  • NJ went spelunking underwater and drowned one block shy of air.
  • DottyMatrix, on a lovely tour of Castle Hohenzollern, stared death in the face… and its other face… and its third face.

Deep Slate Nine: Halloween Parade Float Contest

Congratulations again to Not Kansas, our victors in the B’hala build contest, who will be hosting the Halloween Parade Float build contest the last weekend of this month.

Exact time and date were TBD at time of printing, but I can announce that our in-studio guest judge will be BadgerSpanner! Update: October 29th, 2022 at 11am US Central time.

In terms of parade float size, each float must be 24 meters or less in length, and allow 8 meters of free space ahead of it.

There are only eleven spaces, so if you’d like to secure a spot, sign-ups will are now live in the Activity Sign-ups > #Oct-29-halloween-parade channel.

Weekly Pinball Tournaments

No Good Gofers results!

Congratulations to WrexVerdi for taking 1st place on No Good Gofers!

Leaderboard for No Good Gophers. 1: WrexVerdi. 2: forgantly. 3: Mr_Hardluck. 4: RIX513. 5: Laxmi13. 7: ButterflyGirlKMC. 8:Parker 9: NJCoffeeJunkie. 10: marwood7. 11: MisterLantz. 12: ChloeTGAP. 13: QueenDarkLady

This week: Tales of the Arabian Nights!

Our next table is Tales of the Arabian Nights, which features a spinning genie lamp! And a blue genie! It’s totally not licensed!

Meet-ups and Conventions

I still don’t have the details locked down for meet-ups during my October trip, but hope to have those ready to announce next newsletter. Thanks for your patience!

Upcoming conventions

Upcoming streams

As I’ll be traveling extensively next month, I’m going to try to cram extra bonus streams into my schedule whenever I can. Since the Royal Court has an irregular collab schedule, I won’t be able to commit to announcing those in advance, so thanks for your patience there.

Also, don’t tell anyone, but I’m kind of curious how long I can go without changing the stream title.

Until next time y’all…

Thanks again to ThatTommyBoii for helping compile this newsletter.

This is Joe Hills from Nashville Tennessee. Keep adventuring!

Newsletter #20 for September 12th, 2022

Howdy folks!

It’s Tommy time! Community Liaison ThatTommyBoii reporting for newsletter duty! It’s always such a joy for me to be able to write to y’all, so let me get right into it!

Pinball FX3 Tournaments

Our weekly pinball tournaments continue on and everyone is killing it! It’s so awesome to see folks participating in such a fun game, let’s see how y’all scored!

Red and Ted’s Road Show

This table seemed like quite the trip! Congrats to Mr.Hardluck for the win with an insane 919 million score!

1st: Mr_Hardluck; 2nd: Forgantly; 3rd: WrexVerdi; 4th: ButterflyGirlKMC; 5th: marwood7; 6th: Joehills; 7th: Parker; 8th: Rix13

9th: NJ; 10th: Devi; 11th: Laxmi13; 12th: MisterLantz

Cirqus Voltaire

53 million points is nothing to joke about, another win for Forgantly shows he’s not clowning around!

1st: forgantly. 2nd: JoeHills. 3rd: WrexVerdi. 4th: NJCoffeeJunkie. 5th: RIX5.13. 6th: ButterflyGirlKMC. 7th: Parker. 8th: QueenDarkLady

9th: Laxmi13. 10th: Mr_Hardluck. 11th: MisterLantz. 12: Marwood7

This week’s table

If you’ve been reading this newsletter and have yet to join in the pinball fun what are you waiting for? Go-fer it! This week the table is No Good Gofers, you can find more information on how to compete in Activity-Sign-Ups > #weekly-pinball-challenges.

And if you’re not in Joe’s community discord, you can join us by supporting him on Patreon!

Fall Quarterly Meeting 2022

Those of you following the newsletters and announcements in the discord will know we’ve got some changes coming up. We’ve have a lot to discuss in our Fall Quarterly Meeting.

That’s going to be on this Saturday, September 17th, at 1pm US Central time.

Here’s our current agenda, if you have any items you’d like to request please do so in Joe Hills Meta > #next-quarter-new-business-requests. Thanks!

  1. Discord channel culling – Joe
  2. Discord vacation mode – Joe
  3. Modmail documentation and tutorial – Em and Dahlia
  4. Clarify rules and structure – Phali
    1. highlight rules channel
    2. establish staff and roles more clearly
    3. notify current members of rule updates/changes
    4. implement start screen to introduce rules
  5. Clarify what constitutes hate speech or images in rules – Maahes
  6. Formally add “no celebrating any deaths” to rules – Tommy

Minecraft Servers

There’s not too much to report on for some of the servers, but let’s check in anyways!

Deep Slate 9

The B’hala build contest was a huge success! There are some final parade dates that need to be finalized, so please be sure to check if your team has submitted your preferred holiday options! That would be under S9 Working Group Consolidation > #ds9-bhala-parades.

Some of the holidays taken include Halloween, Earth Day, and New Year’s, so y’all can look forward to plenty of parade building contests to come!

Modded 1.19 Fall

Our server operator ToxxicGlitter has been hard at work creating our next upcoming server! With the challenges faced with the experimental server, the community agreed to have our modded survival server move to be run by Toxxic! This is a great outcome, as he has proven his developmental skills by creating his own mods which will be featured on this server.

You can see the progress of this server in Realms and Servers > #modded-1dot19-fall-next


If DS9 is too busy or chaotic for you, and you want to stick with a vanilla server, I’d like to remind folks about our Vanillish server! This one is run by server operator Yirggzmb, and features a more comfortable and chill vibe.  Functions include keep inventory, a command to teleport to spawn, and other fun vanilla-adjacent features!

See what folks have been up to in Realms and Servers > #vanillish-general

August Everstorm Obituaries

Here’s the final roundup of obituaries from August’s Everstorm, rest in pieces everyone!

  • elimemeguy was slain by Zombie after a noble effort to survive until reset.
  • NJ nearly survived, but was smote by a smitten enderman.

August Everstorm Survivors

  • Wizardofdocs fought the End Wither with Void, got stuck on the dragon Island briefly, but brought home the beacon and moved into Void’s attic for a nice long nap
  • mercurialvoid brought a bit of spring into the ice waste, fought the Enderwither with Wizardofdocs, and bridged a thousand blocks for a final flight

September Everstorm Obituaries

  • QuiltyMel died to a Wither approximately 30 seconds after logging in for the first time.
  • Chefnutmeg died one island from spawn to a skelly while fleeing a wither skull
  • mercurialvoid ran into two withers and withered away in cleos gym
  • MisterLantz died to a pair of spiders while trying to flee a wither health bar


There’s been two episodes of HermitCraft from Joe since the last newsletter, check them out!

Meet-ups and Conventions

Confirmed upcoming conventions



So long for now…

Thanks everybody for reading yet another one of my newsletters! I love getting to write these, I hope you love reading them!

As always I gladly accept feedback in  Joe Hills Meta > #feedback-newsletter channel.

This has been TommyBoii reporting for newsletter duty.

See you around!

Newsletter 19 for August 29, 2022

Howdy, y’all…

Joe Hills here, writing as I always do in Nashville, Tennessee.

The last few weeks have been trying for the Hermits and the broader HermitCraft community as we mourned the passing of our colleague and friend TinFoilChef.

Thank you so much to everyone who took time to remember TFC these last few weeks, and for y’all’s patience with the Hermits as we navigate tragic uncharted waters.

I personally believe that when someone who has touched our lives through their good works passes, a burden falls to us to attempt to carry on some small fraction of that good in how we live our own lives. While TFC’s impact on the world was great, he was loved by so many that I do not find that burden intimidating. Rather, I find it reassuring that such a large number of us will share it.

There is much to do, let us begin.

B’hala Build Contest Complete!

I was heartened greatly this weekend by the incredible and creative builds that our community collaborated on over the last two months around the Deep Slate Nine SMP’s temporal anomaly.

The builds were so competitive, I’m glad I didn’t have to choose between them. Thanks again to our three brilliant judges, M. Ebel, Janey Laney, and WesWilson for your insightful commentary and questions!


As per tradition, the builds were ranked and given priority to select which upcoming holidays they might host parades for.

  1. Not Kansas: Halloween
  2. Earth Kingdom Outpost: Earth Day
  3. Team Radical: New Year’s
  4. Holland: Van Gogh’s birthday
  5. Team Gaymer: Pride (early June)
  6. KindaToxxic: GroundHog Day
  7. Team Blackwater: Kentucky Derby
  8. Team Shiny: Yuri’s Night
  9. Team Lotus: TBD
  10. Team Deztiny: National Intern Day
  11. Warden Hunters: Carl Garner Federal Lands Cleanup Day
  12. SCP: TBD

Thanks again to every team for all their hard work! Y’all really make this server vibrant and beautiful!

Pinball FX3 Tournaments

I’m also delighted to report that more folks have been coming together the last couple weeks to play in our pinball tournaments!

The last two tables we played were particularly fast and brutal, so for this week’s tournament I’m excited to shift gears with Red and Ted’s Road Show!

Road Show’s storyline involves traveling East to West across America, and it was intended to take all but the most skilled players more than three balls to complete. It was one of the first pinball machines to feature the ability to continue your progress by adding additional coins. As Pinball FX3 doesn’t support shoving coins into your computer, I’ve set this week’s tournament options to allocate each player nine balls instead of three. Hopefully this provides y’all a welcome break from the breakneck speed of the last couple tables.

Let’s see how y’all did on those!


This was a weird one, but thanks for giving it a try!

1st: Joe Hills; 2nd MisterLantz; 3rd forgantly; 4th ButterflyKMC; 5th Parker; 6th: NJ; 7th Phali; 8th devi

Whitewater Results

Congrats to Forgantly for taking the lead on WhiteWater with an impressive 126million!

1st place: Forgantly! 2nd: Mr_HardLuck; 3rd: JoeHills; 4th: WrexVerdi; 5th ButterflyGirlKMC; 6t:h Drewbacca81; 7th: NJ; 8th:Qwarkeh9th place: Parker; 10th: MisterLantz; 11th: RealPhali; 12th: Laxmi13; 13th: Marwood7; 14th: Badgerspanner

Hurricane Results

Double Congratulations to Forgantly for also winning last week’s Hurricane tournament with a score of 28million!

1st place: Forgantly; 2nd: WrexVerdi; 3rd: ButterflyGirlKMC; 4th Marwood; 5th: Laxmi13; 6th: Joe Hills; 7th: Parker; 8th: Mr_Hardluck; 9th RIX5.13; 10th: Devi; 11th: Qwarkeh; 12: MisterLantz; 13th: NJ; 14th: Real Phali; 15th: Drewbacca

Server Petitions

VODs and minutes for server petitions will henceforth be posted to a new website category: petitions!

This should make it easier for folks to find those documents without having to scroll through entire newsletters like this one. Here’s direct links to the last couple month’s entries:

Everstorm Server Obituaries

Final July Obituaries

  • SuperStone jumped after a skeleton into the void on his way to the dragon fight.
  • Lyric was not as prepared for the dragon fight as they thought they were.
  • Magenta felt the sweet embrace of the void after freeing the End

August Everstorm Obituaries

  • Magenta got cocky and thought she could beat the skeleton at its own game
  • RIP Haiden he died going very fast which is cool I guess
  • Chefnutmeg died to Skelly while setting up an outpost bolt hole

Upcoming September 17th 2022 Quarterly Meeting Agenda

  1. Discord channel culling – Joe
  2. Discord vacation mode – Joe
  3. Modmail documentation and tutorial – Em and Dahlia
  4. Clarify rules and structure – Phali
    1. highlight rules channel
    2. establish staff and roles more clearly
    3. notify current members of rule updates/changes
    4. implement start screen to introduce rules
  5. Clarify what constitutes hate speech or images in rules – Maahes

Meet-ups and Conventions

Confirmed upcoming conventions



Until next time, y’all…

Thanks as always to our Community Liaison ThatTommyBoii for helping me compile this week’s news!

Keep adventuring!