Newsletter #51 for July 3rd, 2023

Howdy folks!

It’s Tommy time! Community Liaison ThatTommyBoii reporting for newsletter duty!

If you’re ready for some news, then here it is! If you’re somehow not ready, why did you open a newsletter?! Either way, let’s begin!

Collector’s Edition Joe Hills TCG card!

Pre-order is now open for Joe’s collector edition TCG card! You can purchase a signed or unsigned copy over here!

Joe to host events during PlayOnCon 2023!

If you’re on the fence about attending PlayOnCon 2023 or are already going then you’ll want to hear this! Joe will be hosting two events, I hope you can attend!

  • Minecraft Build Competition (bring your own device)
    Friday, July 7th at 4pm, in the Video Gaming Room
  • Table Flipping
    Friday, July 7th at 6pm, Outdoors above pool

Folks who will be there are encouraged to use the meet-ups > #jul-6-9-playoncon discord channel for coordinating and communication during the con

Album change!

Fans of the songs Joe plays during his streams will be happy to know that there has been an album title and cover art change! These changes are to better reflect the identity of Quinn Hills, who is the outstanding musician responsible for creating the wonderful pieces featured on both albums.

It is my pleasure to give you these links to Redacted Hills Sings Joe Hills Album 1, and Album 2.

Double Feature in the discord!

Do you like movies? And watching them alongside folks? And having discussions after? If not, skip to the next header!

If you do then you’re in luck! Joe is joined live in-studio by Quinn on Sunday, July 16th, for a double film discussion! The films are The Dish and The Shawshank Redemption

Please note, nobody will be streaming the films, folks are responsible for obtaining their own copies and playing them at the same time. Here’s the schedule for this event! All times in US Central.

  • Noon: Meet in Voice and chat
  • 12:15pm: start The Dish and switch to text chat here
  • 1:55 pm: Dish ends, bathroom break
  • 2pm: discuss the Dish in voice chat
  • 2:15pm: Start Shawshank and switch to text chat here
  • 4:35 bathroom break
  • 4:40 Shawshank Discussion in voice chat

New social media accounts

Joe has some new social media accounts for folks who are interested in following him. Here’s his Bluesky and his Mastodon.

Minecraft Servers

DS9 map art build contest

The time for judgement draws near! There is less than 2 weeks until judging, so folks better start displaying their map art at The Defiant on Deep Slate Nine! All of the information is still under Activity-Sign-Ups > #July-15th-ds9-map-art-build-contest. There’s still time to make maps, just don’t be afraid to ask other folks in the community for help!

Don’t forget the judges are Joe, myself, and guest judge Sfé R. Monster!

DS9 event schedule

  • DS9 Petitions
  • Saturday, July 15th, 1pm US Central Time
  • DS9 Map Art Build Contest
    • Building is ongoing until July 14th, midnight US Central Time
    • Judging on Saturday, July 15th, 2pm US Central Time

Everstorm obituaries

No obituaries to report, phew!

July Everstorm

The time to vote has begun for the July Everstorm! Head on over to Realms and Servers > #everstorm-july-2023 to cast your vote in the emoji polls to change how July’s Everstorm plays out!

Folks are welcome to persuade folks to vote in their favor but keep in mind the discord’s rules and be respectful to each other. The voting window closes on July 8th, and the iteration will be opened on July 15th.

Pinball FX Weekly Tournament

Week 1: Fish Tales

Our first tournament is here! Folks interested can find all the information under Activity-Sign-Ups > #weekly-pinball-challenges to join the tournament!

Pinball FX and the Fish Tales table are free, so this is a great opportunity for folks to try the game out! This is a 26 week series, and scoring will be similar to that of a Mario Kart cup. You’ll get points that scale based on your place in the individual tournament, and your 15 best weeks combine to make your final tournament score!

Will you be our first winner? Come play and find out!


Upcoming Streams

  • Monday, July 3rd:
    • 1:30pm: HHH with Cleo and Gem
    • 8:30pm: HermitCraft 9 Live!
  • Tuesday, July 4th:
    • Off due to the federal holiday
  • Wednesday, July 5th:
    • 8:30am: Cleo Craft Stream, decorating PlayOnCon table
  • Thursday, July 6th:
    • No streams due to PlayOnCon
  • Friday, July 7th:
    • No streams due to PlayOnCon
  • Saturday, July 8th:
    • No streams due to PlayOnCon
  • Sunday, July 9th:
    • 8:30pm: HermitCraft 9 Live!
  • Monday, July 10th:
    • 8:30am: HermitCraft 9 Live! Coffee and Correspondence
    • 1:30pm: Bonus HermitCraft 9 stream
    • 8:30pm: HermitCraft 9 Live!

Notable streams

Upcoming conventions

Music City Multi Con tickets sales have still not opened. In the meantime, keep your calendar clear, we have tentative dates for Fall and Spring TGD! Again, the dates are NOT final, as the hotel contract has not yet been signed!

So long for now…

If you’re gonna celebrate the 4th of July this week have fun, be respectful and also responsible! Otherwise have a fantastic week!

This has been TommyBoii reporting for newsletter duty.

See you around!