Howdy, y’all!

Joe Hills here!

I make things I like and I hope you like them too. If not, I encourage you to to develop other hobbies, like gardening or making things you enjoy!


Joe Hills is an entertainer from Nashville, Tennessee. He encourages folks to laugh and learn along with him as he blends his joyous curiosity and Southern twang to create YouTube videos that folks have viewed over 10 million times.

Hills has also travelled across the United States to meet folks, judge their Minecraft builds in competition, and speak on panels on topic ranging from game design to selecting the correct software development tools given the constraints of folks’ project requirements.



It would be nice to text you some good news, But that’s in short supply around here. I’m not just acting pessimistic, That’s just the gospel truth. So instead I will shoot a selfie Of me peeking out from the blankets… Very soon… I promise. I am already adorable, But the light won’t be good …


It’s easy to burn the energy to pick nits, For the parent who always shows up less than they agreed to, Externalizing all the time and expenses of parenthood Onto someone they can’t be bothered to treat with any respect, And only paying like fifteen dollars a day in child support for all that effort, …


You seem to expect me to apologize For failing to contain the mess you made By running away from your responsibilities And then sweeping my legs out from under me Again and again As I worked To care for Our child. Sorry, no.