Newsletter #49 for June 12th, 2023

Howdy folks!

It’s Tommy time! Community Liaison ThatTommyBoii reporting for newsletter duty!

Next week is a federal holiday, Juneteenth, and as per usual we will abstain from posting a newsletter. I’ll fit as much information as I can in today’s newsletter, so let’s start!

Minecraft Servers

DS9 pride parade

As a member of the outpost hosting this event, I want to say thank you to everyone who participated and watched the event! It was incredible seeing what y’all built, and the music played by guest judge Quinn Hills was phenomenal! If you haven’t seen that parade float build contest or don’t even know what I’m talking about I recommend you check out the VOD.

Thank you to team Gaymers for hosting, Vin you did such a great job!

Deep Slate Nine server update

Now that 1.20.1 is here DS9 has been updated to the new game version! Minecraft tier players can enjoy the new bamboo and cherry blocks, the armor trims, and more!

If you’re not already a member and are interested in joining us you can join Joe’s patreon to support him and gain access to our minecraft servers. I hope to see you soon!

DS9 map art build contest

I hope y’all haven’t forgotten about this contest, it’s been in the event schedule for a while now! I’m very pleased to announce that I, your favorite Joe Hills Community Liaison That Tommy Boii, will be one of the judges!

If you’re not familiar with me or my past work, I joined Joe’s Patreon community back in April 2020. Season 7 of Hermitcraft was going strong, and I made my mark on the patreon server, or rather at the time a realm, with map art! I built maps to share with the server and I even met my partner building them together, it’s all a romantic and silly tale that I shall spare the entire details of but key point is that I’ve been mapping for years so I like to consider it my neck of the woods!

Joe will also be judging the contest of course, it is his server after all! We’re also hoping to get a guest judge into the panel, Joe has been sending out messages to see if we have a fitting candidate available! If not it’ll be up to my expertise and the Joe Hills difference to judge the pieces of art you put before our pixelated minecraft eyes.

I can’t wait! Judging will be held on Saturday July 15th. If you need a refresher on this contest you can find details in this newsletter here or the pinned post under Activity-Sign-Ups > #july-15th-ds9-map-art-build-contest.

DS9 event schedule

  • DS9 Petitions
    • Saturday, June 17th, 1pm US Central Time
  • Summer Solstice Parade, hosted by Team SCP
    • Saturday, June 17th, 2pm US Central Time
  • DS9 Map Art Build Contest
    • Ongoing until judging on Saturday, July 15th

May Everstorm closes

No obituaries to report, phew!

The survivors of last month’s Everstorm share these final reports:

  • Kindalas logged in long enough to make sure that the server was running properly and to place signs in Void’s base.
  • Centuritron survived as long as they did thanks to a sword from the cursed king himself, Midas
  • ToxxicGlitter survived hell of his own creation, got a bunch of loot to help others then noped out of there
  • Void built a cozy home and sanctuary, and looted enough gear to fill multiple chests
  • MJ built a farm that Void made prettier., gathered some saplings, and swam down to a few ship wrecks.

June Everstorm opens

Everstorm will be reset by tomorrow, June 13th! Joe’s in charge of this one, so be sure to keep an eye out for when it goes live! Joe will post the details under Realms and Servers > #everstorm-june-2023.

July Everstorm plans

Rumor has it that I’ll be in charge of the July Everstorm. Well, these rumors are true! As your community liaison I’ve seen a lot of folks have fun with the Everstorm server. I love that folks enjoy what the staff put out for them but I couldn’t help but wonder… what if the community could decide how an iteration of the server could look like?

Thus this idea was born! I will be creating some sort of poll for members to vote on to add or remove features for the July Everstorm! I’ll be creating all the information and posting it in the discord as well as the next newsletter, so look forward to that! The post, once made, will be found under Realms and Servers > #everstorm-july-2023.

Modded SMP

Server operator ToxxicGlitter will be launching his new short term modded server tomorrow, June 13th! All the information and a handy tutorial will be provided in the #modded-setup-guide channel, and if you have any questions while installing the mods you can ask in #modded-setup-help.

The old modded server will remain up for a week for folks to enjoy the last of it as it is replaced by this new server.

Vanillish SMP

Joe will be adding the simple voice chat mod to the server either today or tomorrow depending on how much time is available after all the other server maintenance occurring! Also as a reminder to folks the server is still on 1.19.4 with no plans to change yet, as the Vanillish SMP aims to be the comfort server and not require frequent updating like our flagship server DS9.

Another reminder, asynchronous petitions are being held on Thursday, June 15th.  If you have any petition requests, be sure to submit them to server operator Yirggzmb over in SMP: Vanillish by Yirggzmb > #vanillish-petitions,

Pinball FX3 Weekly Tournament

This is our last Pinball FX3 tournament!!

…Because we’re switching to Pinball FX! This will be the last game of the tournament, and as such the week count will reset with the brand new tournament coming next week!

Week 21: Medieval Madness

Last year’s tournaments had Medieval Madness as a clear winner for most played table, so we’re bringing it back this week for the finale! Who will claim the last victory of Pinball FX3???

Pinball FX Weekly Tournament

Week 1: Fish Tales

This table will be the first of our new tournament, but it won’t be going live until next week! I’m announcing it here now due to the holiday next week, so folks will have time to be prepared to join in once we start!

If you don’t yet have the game, you can find it over here on steam. The game itself is free as is the Fish Tales table, though other tables must be purchased to be played. We typically play the Williams Pinball Volume  1-6 packs as well as the Universal Mosnters pack. Folks should keep an eye on the tournament channel to stay up to date on what table we’re playing!

You can find that under activity-sign-ups > #weekly-pinball-challenges.

HermitCraft 9 Videos


Upcoming Stream Schedule

For all you schedule enjoyers out there, we’ve got a stream schedule for the next two weeks! Thanks Joe!

  • Monday, June 12th
    • 1:30pm: HermitCraft 9 with Cleo
    • 8:30pm: HermitCraft 9 Live! Quarterly planning stream with NJCoffeeJunkie
  • Tuesday, June 13th
    • 8:30am: HermitCraft 9 coffee stream
  • Wednesday, June 14th
    • 8:30am: Cleo Craft Stream
  • Thursday, June 15th
    • 8:30am: HermitCraft 9 coffee stream
  • Friday, June 16th
    • 8:30am: HermitCraft 9 coffee stream
  • Saturday, June 17th
    • 2pm: Patreon SCP Solstice parade
    • 8:30pm: HermitCraft 9 Live!
  • Sunday, June 18th
    • 8:30pm: HermitCraft 9 Live!
  • Monday, June 19th
    • Federal Holiday, off
  • Tuesday, June 20th
    • 8:30am: HermitCraft 9 coffee stream
  • Wednesday, June 21st
    • 8:30am: Crafts with Cleo
  • Thursday, June 22nd
    • 8:30am: HermitCraft 9 Live
  • Friday, June 23rd
    • 8:30am: HermitCraft 9 coffee stream
  • Saturday, June 24th
    • Not streaming due to a pinball tournament
  • Sunday, June 25th
    • Spot Joe among 150 pinball tournament contestants at
  • Monday, June 26th
    • Travel day, no streams

Notable streams

Upcoming conventions

Music City Multi Con tickets sales have still not opened. In the meantime, keep your calendar clear, we have tentative dates for Fall and Spring TGD! Again, the dates are NOT final, as the hotel contract has not yet been signed!

So long for now…

I hope this information provided in this newsletter will suffice until the next update, which will be on June 26th. Until then I hope you can celebrate Juneteenth in  your local communities!

This has been TommyBoii reporting for newsletter duty.

See you around!