Newsletter #39 for March 27th, 2023

Howdy folks!

It’s Tommy time! Community Liaison ThatTommyBoii reporting for newsletter duty!

I’m writing you this newsletter as Joe is currently live from the HermitCraft server! I hope y’all are enjoying the stream, let’s dive into the news!

Important Tweets

Mercy Road 4

Last reminder! This Saturday, April 1st, Joe will be playing in one of the charity D&D games benefitting Child’s Play hosted by talented dungeon master Saucefire. His session will be at 5pm US Central time!

Minecraft Server Events

Deep Slate Nine

We have a few things to announce for DS9!


Monthly petitions will be held Saturday, April 15th, at 10:30am US Central time.

Yuri’s Night Parade Float Build Contest

This parade will celebrate Yuri’s Night. If you haven’t heard of it before like me, Yuri’s Night is an international celebration held every April 12 to commemorate milestones in space exploration. It is named for the first human to launch into space, Yuri Gagarin, who flew the Vostok 1 spaceship on April 12, 1961.

The parade float contest will be Saturday, April 15th, at 11am US Central time.

Map Art Build Contest

DS9 will also be having an extended build contest for map art! There will be three categories, and judging will be based off solo entrants as well at teamed, so there are a total of six evaluations.

The categories are

  • Retro
    Limited to a 1×1 map using only wool on a flat plane
  • Refined
    Unlimited block palette and techniques may be used for up to five maps that compose a single work
  • Really big
    Unlimited block palette and techniques may be used for six or more maps maps that compose a single work

Entrants may begin as of 8:30am Central, March 27th, 2023, and should be completed and on display in the judging area by midnight US central time July 14th for judging on stream the following day.

More information is available under Activity-Sign-Ups > #july-15th-ds9-map-art-build-contest

Modded SMP

Server operator ToxxicGlitter is still looking for suggestions and feedback for the new modded server coming this summer! If you have any ideas or would like to see what folks have suggested already you can find the place to do that under SMP: Modded 1.19 By ToxxicGlitter > #modded-feature-request

Vanillish SMP

Server operator Yirggzmb is preparing to have the server update to 1.19.4! Stay tuned for when that update happens, you can find the info under SMP: Vanillish By Yirggzmb > #vanillish-general


No obituaries to report, phew!

As a reminder, the server will reset on Thursday, April 6, 2023.

Pinball FX3 Weekly Tournament

Week 10: Junkyard

The winner this week is Joe, but congrats to all of our players!

1st: JoeHills. 2nd: Cosmic Goddess. 3rd: Forgantly. 4th: Mr_Hardluck. 5th: Superstone. 6th: DarkHorseAsh. 7th: NJCoffeeJunkie. 8th: WrexVerdi.

Week 11: Attack From Mars

If you’re interested in joining the pinball tournaments you can find information under activity-sign-ups > #weekly-pinball-challenges.

Upcoming conventions

PlayOnCon 2023 sales are now open at!

  • July 6th–9th in Columbiana, AL: PlayOnCon

HermitCraft 9 Videos

Notable streams

Upcoming Streams

Another week without a schedule, sorry about that! Joe will be having someone over this week to hopefully get that repaired. Thanks for your continued patience!

So long for now…

Thanks for reading the newsletter! I hope you enjoy the rest of your day and week!

This has been TommyBoii reporting for newsletter duty.

See you around!