Newsletter #53 for July 17th, 2023

Howdy folks!

It’s Tommy time! Community Liaison ThatTommyBoii reporting for newsletter duty!

I’m back from my trip so I’m ready to give you the news. Let’s begin!

CosmoQuestX charity stream

Joe did some streams to support CosmoQuest in funding science education programs, here are the VODs!

You can check out their fundraising campaign and make a donation over here.

Collector’s Edition Joe Hills TCG card!

Pre-order is still open for Joe’s collector edition TCG card! You can purchase a signed or unsigned copy over here!

Nashville meetup

Don’t forget there’s a meetup today! Come hangout with Joe and Quinn in Nashville! More information on this can be found in the discord under Meet-Ups > #July-17-nashville.

Minecraft Servers

DS9 map art build contest

What can I say besides WOW?! The time for judging has come and gone and I must say I am FLOORED with the entries folks submitted to the contest! There was so many fantastic pieces it was hard for Joe, guest judge Sfé R. Monster, and myself to pick who won each category!

After much deliberating we managed to select the winners, so I would like to congratulate the first place winners of each category as well as provide a screenshot of their submission here in the newsletter!

Refined Team, First Place

Congratulations to our only team submission, Kindalas and StellarSpider for “Blackest Black”!

A Minecraft screenshot of map art. It is a solid black canvas.

Retro, First Place

Congratulations to DottyMatrix for “Tag – You’re It”!

A screenshot of map art in Minecraft. It looks like graffiti spray tag, it resembles Joe Hills' Minecraft character with green glasses saying "HOWDY!"

Refined, First Place

Congratulations to MagentaAvocado for “Hang em High”!

A screenshot of Minecraft map art. It is a red and black linocut design that has a western aesthetic. There is a silhouette of a cowboy with his arm up and text that says "Shotgun Sinners Wild Eyed Jokers"

Really Big, First Place

Congratulations to Mallora for “Deviations”!

A Minecraft screenshot of map art. It is a cropped close up of a face. It is sectioned into 10 pieces, each piece has a different style to it.

There are other placements and submissions as well available for viewing at the gallery, you can come visit at The Defiant or you can watch as we viewed the pieces from this VOD:

June Everstorm closes

No obituaries to report, phew!

The survivors of last month’s Everstorm share these final reports:

  • Laxmi13 survived despite running away from several rainbow captain mobs.
  • Magenta enjoyed the wonders of 1.20 for the first time and made a lil home
  • MJ played it safe and ran away when a mob captain spawned. And then sailed away on a paraglider never to be seen again!

July Everstorm opens

Our first direct democracy Everstorm is here! Sorry for the delay in getting it open, the map art judging took longer than expected! Folks voted for what the server would have, and we obliged!

You can expect this month’s Everstorm to have server side mods that add new biomes and structures, as well as a datapack that changes the loot tables to be random! Which means when you break a block you’ll get something different from what you expect.

You can check out the details and play yourself, how have people fared so far?

  • Centuritron got blown up by creeper while exploring the random drops

Pinball FX Weekly Tournament

Week 2: Medieval Madness

Congratulations again to ToxxicGlitter for taking first!

1st: ToxxicGlitter. 2nd: @JoeHills. 3rd: R1X5.13. 4th: ButterflyGirlKMC. 5th: Laxmi13. 6th: jsparker77. 7th: ferretterrier. 8th: Cosmic Goddess. 9th: kindalas. 10th: badgerspanner. 11th: ProfGallifrey.

Week 3: Attack from Mars

If you’d like to join in this week you can do so by using the code available under Activity-Sign-Ups > #weekly-pinball-challenges!

Tournament Standings

With our new rankings system for the tournament you can see how your best scores compare and where you place! Take a look at that over here!


Upcoming Streams

  • Monday, July 17th
    • 1:30pm: Bonus HermitCraft Stream
    • 8:30pm: HermitCraft 9 Live!
  • Tuesday, July 18th:
    • 8:30am: V Rising with Betrothed BadgerSpanner
    • 1pm: TCG Tuesday with Cub and pals
  • Wednesday, July 19th:
    • 8:30am: Crafts with Cleo stream
  • Thursday, July 20th:
    • 8:30am: Morning birthday stream on HermitCraft with Quinn in-studio
    • Lunch break followed by an afternoon HermitCraft birthday stream
  • Friday, July 21st:
    • 8:30am: HermitCraft 9 coffee stream
    • Friday night off for a birthday weekend
  • Saturday, July 22nd:
    • Off for a birthday weekend
  • Sunday, July 23rd:
    • 8:30pm: HermitCraft 9 Live!
  • Monday, July 24th:
    • 8:30am: HermitCraft 9 Live! Coffee and Correspondence
    • 1:30pm: Bonus HermitCraft 9 stream
    • 8:30pm: HermitCraft 9 Live!

Notable streams

Upcoming conventions

Music City Multi Con tickets sales have still not opened. In the meantime, keep your calendar clear, we have tentative dates for Fall and Spring TGD! Again, the dates are NOT final, as the hotel contract has not yet been signed!

So long for now…

It was good to see you again! I look forward to sharing the news next week as well!

This has been TommyBoii reporting for newsletter duty.

See you around!