Petitions September 2022

Deep Slate Nine Vanilla SMP

  • Gritmonger presents a crate of self-sealing stembolts and requests 7 tessipates of land.
    • Joe asks for where he would like the land
    • Gritmonger instead negotiates to receive 4 squid eggs
    • Joe grants 4 to Gritmonger, and 1 to everyone in attendance
  • Kindalas states he and Seanard lost a shulker box of nether stars due to a server glitch and would like ot request something in it’s place
    • Joe first grants him two crates of self-sealing stembolts and then asks how many nether stars fit in a shulker box
    • Kindalas states 1,728
    • Joe grants 1,729 nether stars to Kindalas