Petitions October 2023

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Petitions August 2023

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  • in season 8 hermits spent months going through seeds, hermits would check to see if the seeds were truly viable and it drove them bonkers
    • when it was time for season 9 the hermits had a hermit staff member pick a seed for them.
      • Joe didn’t get to plan his season 9 and neither did we in DS9.
      • Joe wants season 10 to be more of a collective experience for us, so these two build contests will help test things for season 10
    • Joe will still be creative lead, but this is our time to test out Joe’s ideas so no one has to be startled and blindsided by them.
      • a few explicit changes, a lot of early season stress was from small world borders. Joe likes being able to promote his server as a bleeding edge flagship server. we’re not part of conversations of updates when we aren’t immediately up to date on updates.
    • when hermits talk about problems the number one thing is people arguing about how soon is too soon to update. Joe can put up with the hermits spiraling for 6 hours but not his server too.
      • Joe’s compromise is #feedback-vanilla-smp
  • Proposal 1: update to the latest jar asap and when available, additionally add quality of life and performance mods
    • Joe wants to test a game mechanic that is new in snapshots. We will have it in time for season 10, a feature of random numbers in command blocks.
      • What if: we have a command block that gives you the feather falling effect, teleported you 300 blocks in the air a random set of blocks along the cardinal directions
  • Proposal 2: At server launch we will prepare for 2 hours and then fight the dragon
  • Proposal 3: Once the dragon is dead Joe will add 8 cardinal and secondary direction teleporter pads with command blocks that will allow players in small groups to get thrown thousands of blocks away without a teleport back until the end of the contest.
  • Proposal 4: At server launch a 3 month build contest starts for folks to create neighborhoods. Similar to B’Hala outposts but bigger and without neighbors.
    • The theme would be “company town” from a mining town to industrial factory town to space settlement, towns are required to have a main street for parades and places for employees to live and places to buy and sell things, but folks get to decide what their theme is.
      • In the short term everyone gets to have the survival Minecraft experience. folks who join later after the initial contest can join existing towns or pick a direction and go somewhere new if they want to start something new.
      • Joe does not want to encourage centralized planning of nether tunnels
      • Joe wants the free stuff at petitions to slow, the goal of petitions is supposed to be a problem solving thing.
      • Joe recognizes that if someone is using something in a way that upsets other people it is a problem we are here to address
        • Have a focus on talking about things to be able to move on
  • DS9 multi-month Halloween build contest that has started as of 08/19/23
    • teams build a haunted house mansion and landscape around it
    • Contest ends late October, tentatively the 21st.
    • It must be at least 3000 blocks away from 0,0
    • The goal is to be remote and get a feel for what kinds of things you might learn to give good feedback for the teleport system
    • No hard and fast rules, very loose, but everyone gets to present cool haunted houses that explore the inside and out.
  • Another build contest will launch in mid-November. A specific build location with plots for a winter landscape snow globe build contest.
    • Plot sizes vary for different sizes of teams and would be judged sometime around January 15th.

Petitions July 2023

  • 1st ruling: Kindalas requests a B’hala reset, approved with date TBD
  • 2nd ruling: DottyMatrix requests Warden Hunters VC to be set to voice activated, approved and changed.

Petitions May 2023

  • 1st ruling: centuritron, no magic shulker eggs, should be community effort to gather live ones
  • 2nd ruling: Void, no hoglin or zoglin eggs, should be community effort to gather live ones
  • 3rd ruling: Ellas, no sheep eggs, should be community effort to gather live ones
  • 4th ruling: Tommy requests set B’hala reset date for next reset. Joe agrees to roll that into server update on May 30-31st.
  • 5th ruling: Mantuamaker, you can gather wither skeletons as a community activity.
  • 6th ruling: Mantuamaker requests cod heads and player heads (steve) in time for June Pride Parade. Joe agrees to add those to b’hala loot.
  • 7th ruling: Chefnutmeg requests Phantom egg, but has since rescinded it. No action taken.
  • 8th ruling: Kindalas requests enchanted button. Joe agrees to add those to B’hala loot table.
  • 9th ruling: Centuritron requests custom golden swords
    • Joe agrees to add the following to B’hala loot table: golden_sword{Unbreakable:1,Enchantments:[{id:sharpness,lvl:13},{id:knockback,lvl:2},{id:fire_aspect,lvl:2},{id:looting,lvl:3},{id:sweeping,lvl:3},{id:unbreaking,lvl:3},{id:mending,lvl:1}]}
  • 10th: MagentaAvocado requests a haiku about base at given coords
    • The sun is shining
      Teletubbies would live here
      If only they could
  • 11th ruling: StellarSpider requests special fortune enchanted stone picks for iron mining, Joe agrees to load up B’hala loot tables with stacks of 9-iron blocks.

Petitions April 2023

  • Kindalas has built a copy of Etho’s Hurtin Hermits and requests Joe invites his friends to come play
    • Granted, Joe will put out feelers and inquire with other Hermits as well as previous stream guests
  • Superstone requests invisible item frames
    • 64 item frames granted to all in attendance
  • TommyBoii requests all attendees get a dragon head as compensation for late petitions
    • 3 dragon heads granted to all in attendance

Deep Slate 9 petitions for March 2023

Video on demand


  • kindalas askes for some more invisible item frames
    • Joe provides one stack of some “Oar” item frames to each player present
  • Mardigan asks for a command block, just to have.
    • Joe asks about security concerns, Kindalas dismisses those.
    • Joe provides each player one minecart command block
  • Kindalas requests player heads
    • Joe uses command block minecart to issue them
  • Centuritron asks for player head of Joe for their monopoly board
    • Joe issues them
  • DottieMatrix asks for info about Joe’s trip
  • Stellar asks if Joe can stop by during the parade to show off the art inside the museum
    • Joe agrees

Petitions January 2023

Deep Slate Nine Vanilla SMP

  • Kindalas makes two requests for gamerules to be changed.
    • Snow accumulation height to be increased to 2 layers.
    • Kindalas requests global sound events be turned off to avoid folks hearing every wither spawned in.
      • Both granted.
  • MagentaAvocado requets one endermite spawn egg
    • Declined
  • Elimemeguy requests permission to spawn-proof areas for folks
    • Ruling is that Joe’s permission is not needed, but would be received from whoever owns the land.
  • StellarSpider requests invisible item frames
    • 64 item frames granted to all in attendance
  • Kindalas proxies for Sami, and requests netherite for items lost in server memory error.
    •  Salem also lost mined material in the server error.
      • Joe grants 2 netherite blocks to Salem and Kindalas
  • Plans to reset anomaly are in the queue of things for Joe to do

Petitions November 2022

Deep Slate Nine Vanilla SMP

  • Kindalas proxies for Mallora to get an enchanted netherite pickaxe lost in a server crash.
    • Granted
  • DottyMatrix requests a new elytra due to backup gear being lost in server crash.
    • Joe grants 64 diamonds and 525 bottles of enchanting in addition to an elytra to compensate for the lost items.
  • Maahes0 requests zombies and drowned stuck loaded in spawn chunks be cleared away
    • Granted
  • DiscoJanet requests invisible item frames for decoration purposes
    • Granted, all in attendance received 5 invisible item frames.
      • Invisible item frames also suggested as B’hala loot item.

Modded SMP

  • Bits and Chisel mod will be added
  • Adorn mod will be added
  • Craftable Elytra mod will be added
  • The ability to smelt deepslate into cobbled deepslate and a recipe for heart of the sea will be added via datapack
  • Hints for the remaining music discs were provided to those present

Vanillish SMP

  • TommyBoii awarded with one Allay spawn egg
  • WizardofDocs awarded with two Cat spawn eggs and two stacks of fish
  • All players awarded with custom item, Lucky Tunic
  • Cake and Cookie bonus saturation for Halloween disabled
  • Pumpkin Pie bonus saturation still in effect for November in celebration of American Thanksgiving

Petitions September 2022

Deep Slate Nine Vanilla SMP

  • Gritmonger presents a crate of self-sealing stembolts and requests 7 tessipates of land.
    • Joe asks for where he would like the land
    • Gritmonger instead negotiates to receive 4 squid eggs
    • Joe grants 4 to Gritmonger, and 1 to everyone in attendance
  • Kindalas states he and Seanard lost a shulker box of nether stars due to a server glitch and would like ot request something in it’s place
    • Joe first grants him two crates of self-sealing stembolts and then asks how many nether stars fit in a shulker box
    • Kindalas states 1,728
    • Joe grants 1,729 nether stars to Kindalas