Petitions May 2023

  • 1st ruling: centuritron, no magic shulker eggs, should be community effort to gather live ones
  • 2nd ruling: Void, no hoglin or zoglin eggs, should be community effort to gather live ones
  • 3rd ruling: Ellas, no sheep eggs, should be community effort to gather live ones
  • 4th ruling: Tommy requests set B’hala reset date for next reset. Joe agrees to roll that into server update on May 30-31st.
  • 5th ruling: Mantuamaker, you can gather wither skeletons as a community activity.
  • 6th ruling: Mantuamaker requests cod heads and player heads (steve) in time for June Pride Parade. Joe agrees to add those to b’hala loot.
  • 7th ruling: Chefnutmeg requests Phantom egg, but has since rescinded it. No action taken.
  • 8th ruling: Kindalas requests enchanted button. Joe agrees to add those to B’hala loot table.
  • 9th ruling: Centuritron requests custom golden swords
    • Joe agrees to add the following to B’hala loot table: golden_sword{Unbreakable:1,Enchantments:[{id:sharpness,lvl:13},{id:knockback,lvl:2},{id:fire_aspect,lvl:2},{id:looting,lvl:3},{id:sweeping,lvl:3},{id:unbreaking,lvl:3},{id:mending,lvl:1}]}
  • 10th: MagentaAvocado requests a haiku about base at given coords
    • The sun is shining
      Teletubbies would live here
      If only they could
  • 11th ruling: StellarSpider requests special fortune enchanted stone picks for iron mining, Joe agrees to load up B’hala loot tables with stacks of 9-iron blocks.

Petitions April 2023

  • Kindalas has built a copy of Etho’s Hurtin Hermits and requests Joe invites his friends to come play
    • Granted, Joe will put out feelers and inquire with other Hermits as well as previous stream guests
  • Superstone requests invisible item frames
    • 64 item frames granted to all in attendance
  • TommyBoii requests all attendees get a dragon head as compensation for late petitions
    • 3 dragon heads granted to all in attendance

Deep Slate 9 petitions for March 2023

Video on demand


  • kindalas askes for some more invisible item frames
    • Joe provides one stack of some “Oar” item frames to each player present
  • Mardigan asks for a command block, just to have.
    • Joe asks about security concerns, Kindalas dismisses those.
    • Joe provides each player one minecart command block
  • Kindalas requests player heads
    • Joe uses command block minecart to issue them
  • Centuritron asks for player head of Joe for their monopoly board
    • Joe issues them
  • DottieMatrix asks for info about Joe’s trip
  • Stellar asks if Joe can stop by during the parade to show off the art inside the museum
    • Joe agrees

Petitions January 2023

Deep Slate Nine Vanilla SMP

  • Kindalas makes two requests for gamerules to be changed.
    • Snow accumulation height to be increased to 2 layers.
    • Kindalas requests global sound events be turned off to avoid folks hearing every wither spawned in.
      • Both granted.
  • MagentaAvocado requets one endermite spawn egg
    • Declined
  • Elimemeguy requests permission to spawn-proof areas for folks
    • Ruling is that Joe’s permission is not needed, but would be received from whoever owns the land.
  • StellarSpider requests invisible item frames
    • 64 item frames granted to all in attendance
  • Kindalas proxies for Sami, and requests netherite for items lost in server memory error.
    •  Salem also lost mined material in the server error.
      • Joe grants 2 netherite blocks to Salem and Kindalas
  • Plans to reset anomaly are in the queue of things for Joe to do

Petitions November 2022

Deep Slate Nine Vanilla SMP

  • Kindalas proxies for Mallora to get an enchanted netherite pickaxe lost in a server crash.
    • Granted
  • DottyMatrix requests a new elytra due to backup gear being lost in server crash.
    • Joe grants 64 diamonds and 525 bottles of enchanting in addition to an elytra to compensate for the lost items.
  • Maahes0 requests zombies and drowned stuck loaded in spawn chunks be cleared away
    • Granted
  • DiscoJanet requests invisible item frames for decoration purposes
    • Granted, all in attendance received 5 invisible item frames.
      • Invisible item frames also suggested as B’hala loot item.

Modded SMP

  • Bits and Chisel mod will be added
  • Adorn mod will be added
  • Craftable Elytra mod will be added
  • The ability to smelt deepslate into cobbled deepslate and a recipe for heart of the sea will be added via datapack
  • Hints for the remaining music discs were provided to those present

Vanillish SMP

  • TommyBoii awarded with one Allay spawn egg
  • WizardofDocs awarded with two Cat spawn eggs and two stacks of fish
  • All players awarded with custom item, Lucky Tunic
  • Cake and Cookie bonus saturation for Halloween disabled
  • Pumpkin Pie bonus saturation still in effect for November in celebration of American Thanksgiving

Petitions September 2022

Deep Slate Nine Vanilla SMP

  • Gritmonger presents a crate of self-sealing stembolts and requests 7 tessipates of land.
    • Joe asks for where he would like the land
    • Gritmonger instead negotiates to receive 4 squid eggs
    • Joe grants 4 to Gritmonger, and 1 to everyone in attendance
  • Kindalas states he and Seanard lost a shulker box of nether stars due to a server glitch and would like ot request something in it’s place
    • Joe first grants him two crates of self-sealing stembolts and then asks how many nether stars fit in a shulker box
    • Kindalas states 1,728
    • Joe grants 1,729 nether stars to Kindalas

Petitions August 2022


  • Maahes0 petitions regarding status of server and its replacement
    • Joe suggests that even though Decorative Blocks has just updated to 1.19, folks have been winding down their builds and avoided starting new ones, so it is a good time to spin up Toxxic’s new modded server anyway
    • There are no objections to continuing with the plan as laid out last month

Deep Slate Nine Vanilla SMP

  • Sami requests Allay Destroyer swords
    • Mardigan asks if it would suffice to simply break Meep’s spawner
    • Joe inquires about feasibility of killing only undesirable allays with commands
    • Kindalas: the only viable item to kill allays is Sharpness 25+ diamond swords
    • Joe awards four Sharpness 255 wooden swords to Sami, with instructions to destroy after cleaning up the allays
  • Kindalas requests Warden Hunters book back as it is the last copy
    • Joe returns it
  • Kindalas requests back-up copy of server for lag-busting
    • Joe agrees to hire Kindalas to both evaluate world download and write up analysis and process blog post for publishing on his website
  • Mardigan requests release Kevin
    • Joe presses the button
  • Kindals requests  petrified oak slabs be added to B’hala loot table
    • Joe agrees

Petitions July 2022

Experimental Server

  • Maahes0 mentions that the Decorative Blocks mod has had no signs of updating to future game versions, and asks if the server should be reset to 1.19
    • Joe states the original idea was the server would run until 3 months before this season of Hermitcraft ends.
    • This is now believed to be a bad idea
    • Joe suggests to decide in a month if the Experimental server should be restarted every time there is a new minecraft version, they kick mods they don’t like and add new mods they do
      • Maahes states we would need a nomination process for what mods to add and to consider how much time to allow for mods to come out
      • Joe states we could add mods as time goes on, just not remove them.
      • Joe gives until the end of August for people to consider the following: Toxxic takes the vision for his Fall SMP server and sees if it is compatible with the Experimental server player’s desires, and for Toxxic to take lead on it.
      • Maahes likes that idea as he was interested in Toxxic’s mod, Joe agrees
      • Toxxic states he likes the idea of running a modded server and using his mod as well
      • Joe renames tbd-fall-next to modded-1dot19-fall-next and puts Toxxic in charge of coordinating it.

Deep Slate Nine Vanilla SMP

  • Kindalas requests server votes be given 48 hours for those in different timezones be given appropriate time to participate and that we get 2 weeks of notice before server updates so people can have time for due diligence for mods and new version bugs
    • Joe states it wasn’t a planned vote, and more of a sanity check
    • Kindalas states it was presented as a vote, and proper labeling would help avoid that confusion
      • Mardigan mentions NJ was kicked mid-stream due to updates
      • Joe mentions that it has happened to him on HermitCraft and a server that is dedicated for streamers for uptime and quality would be something to be workshopped as another patreon tier
  • Kindalas requests discussing the expectations of update timelines at the next quarterly meeting
    • Joe states DS9 updates as soon as possible, the Vanillish server updates in 2 weeks depending on the creative lead, and the modded server going forward resets each new game version and the Everstorm server only updates on monthly refresh.
    • Joe feels this is part of the value of the Vanillish server, and the problem is people would rather play on DS9 than Vanillish
    • Joe suggests having another server be the flagship server come next HermitCraft season, as he doesn’t want to change things from being a server that stays up to date with the latest minecraft versions
      • Kindalas states there is room to discuss this at the quarterly business meeting
      • Joe states that he is not at a place to commit to a 48 hour window
      • Kindalas suggests being able to warn Joe about updates that are game-breaking
      • Joe states he was not concerned about long term security risks with the release of 1.19.1 and was prepared to update the server again if it warranted that
  • Maahes0 mentions an issue with players being given 5 seconds to get to a safe place for a server reset in place of a minute
    • Joe agrees there should be the minute, but he would not give more time than that
  • NJ requests for Joe to help her finish organizing her shulker monster
    • Joe denies, but grants NJ 4 allay spawn eggs to pay people with to help instead
  • Joe mentions that in terms of creative frustration the HermitCraft server doesn’t rollback so it can give folks confidence that the work they have done won’t get undone.
    • CaseWalker states that this update felt rushed and more controversial and potentially damaging than any other updates
      • Joe agrees and states that if we genuinely wanted to not rely on Microsoft we would have to fund other projects such as MineTest so we would have our own Minecraft to not worry about Microsoft changing things on.
      • Kindalas states that sounds like a waste of time, money, and effort and defeats the purpose of playing minecraft
      • Joe agrees and states that if we don’t agree with moving to our own sources then we need to agree with relying on Microsoft, though it makes him nervous to be dependent on them.
      • Joe mentions that the last creator summit had only talked about this update and not about future updates, and is worried they don’t know what direction they are heading in
      • Kindalas suggests instead of decoupling from Minecraft to just not update in the future
      • Joe states that he feels he is in a unique position to wrangle building an open source Minecraft alternative, and that anyone could run an old version of Minecraft
  • Mardigan requests the B’hala anomaly be reset soon
    • Joe agrees for it to be reset but is not sure of when
  • Mantuamaker requests unbreakable leather hats for the baby zombies in the Not-Kansas outpost. Granted
  • Mantuamaker requests their B’hala loot item be red leather boots. Granted
  • Phali requests for Long Norway to be recognized as an outpost and given a channel.
    • StellarSpider objects as Long Norway is on team Holland’s ground
      • Phali objects to this as Holland wasn’t even aware of this until team Redstone had mentioned it
    • Joe adds Long Norway to Holland’s channel to officially recognize them
  • 5th_Alice requests their Bhala loot item be a strong shovel. Granted
  • Kindalas requests reinforced deepslate be added to the Bhala loot tables. Granted
  • Maahes requests the creative light block be added to the Bhala loot tables. Granted
  • Toxxic requests team Redstone be renamed to team Kinda Toxxic
    • 5th_Alice objects
    • Joe grants the request
  • VeryLukely requests to be exiled into the world so they could work their way back from scratch. Granted