Petitions January 2023

Deep Slate Nine Vanilla SMP

  • Kindalas makes two requests for gamerules to be changed.
    • Snow accumulation height to be increased to 2 layers.
    • Kindalas requests global sound events be turned off to avoid folks hearing every wither spawned in.
      • Both granted.
  • MagentaAvocado requets one endermite spawn egg
    • Declined
  • Elimemeguy requests permission to spawn-proof areas for folks
    • Ruling is that Joe’s permission is not needed, but would be received from whoever owns the land.
  • StellarSpider requests invisible item frames
    • 64 item frames granted to all in attendance
  • Kindalas proxies for Sami, and requests netherite for items lost in server memory error.
    • ┬áSalem also lost mined material in the server error.
      • Joe grants 2 netherite blocks to Salem and Kindalas
  • Plans to reset anomaly are in the queue of things for Joe to do