Newsletter 19 for August 29, 2022

Howdy, y’all…

Joe Hills here, writing as I always do in Nashville, Tennessee.

The last few weeks have been trying for the Hermits and the broader HermitCraft community as we mourned the passing of our colleague and friend TinFoilChef.

Thank you so much to everyone who took time to remember TFC these last few weeks, and for y’all’s patience with the Hermits as we navigate tragic uncharted waters.

I personally believe that when someone who has touched our lives through their good works passes, a burden falls to us to attempt to carry on some small fraction of that good in how we live our own lives. While TFC’s impact on the world was great, he was loved by so many that I do not find that burden intimidating. Rather, I find it reassuring that such a large number of us will share it.

There is much to do, let us begin.

B’hala Build Contest Complete!

I was heartened greatly this weekend by the incredible and creative builds that our community collaborated on over the last two months around the Deep Slate Nine SMP’s temporal anomaly.

The builds were so competitive, I’m glad I didn’t have to choose between them. Thanks again to our three brilliant judges, M. Ebel, Janey Laney, and WesWilson for your insightful commentary and questions!


As per tradition, the builds were ranked and given priority to select which upcoming holidays they might host parades for.

  1. Not Kansas: Halloween
  2. Earth Kingdom Outpost: Earth Day
  3. Team Radical: New Year’s
  4. Holland: Van Gogh’s birthday
  5. Team Gaymer: Pride (early June)
  6. KindaToxxic: GroundHog Day
  7. Team Blackwater: Kentucky Derby
  8. Team Shiny: Yuri’s Night
  9. Team Lotus: TBD
  10. Team Deztiny: National Intern Day
  11. Warden Hunters: Carl Garner Federal Lands Cleanup Day
  12. SCP: TBD

Thanks again to every team for all their hard work! Y’all really make this server vibrant and beautiful!

Pinball FX3 Tournaments

I’m also delighted to report that more folks have been coming together the last couple weeks to play in our pinball tournaments!

The last two tables we played were particularly fast and brutal, so for this week’s tournament I’m excited to shift gears with Red and Ted’s Road Show!

Road Show’s storyline involves traveling East to West across America, and it was intended to take all but the most skilled players more than three balls to complete. It was one of the first pinball machines to feature the ability to continue your progress by adding additional coins. As Pinball FX3 doesn’t support shoving coins into your computer, I’ve set this week’s tournament options to allocate each player nine balls instead of three. Hopefully this provides y’all a welcome break from the breakneck speed of the last couple tables.

Let’s see how y’all did on those!


This was a weird one, but thanks for giving it a try!

1st: Joe Hills; 2nd MisterLantz; 3rd forgantly; 4th ButterflyKMC; 5th Parker; 6th: NJ; 7th Phali; 8th devi

Whitewater Results

Congrats to Forgantly for taking the lead on WhiteWater with an impressive 126million!

1st place: Forgantly! 2nd: Mr_HardLuck; 3rd: JoeHills; 4th: WrexVerdi; 5th ButterflyGirlKMC; 6t:h Drewbacca81; 7th: NJ; 8th:Qwarkeh9th place: Parker; 10th: MisterLantz; 11th: RealPhali; 12th: Laxmi13; 13th: Marwood7; 14th: Badgerspanner

Hurricane Results

Double Congratulations to Forgantly for also winning last week’s Hurricane tournament with a score of 28million!

1st place: Forgantly; 2nd: WrexVerdi; 3rd: ButterflyGirlKMC; 4th Marwood; 5th: Laxmi13; 6th: Joe Hills; 7th: Parker; 8th: Mr_Hardluck; 9th RIX5.13; 10th: Devi; 11th: Qwarkeh; 12: MisterLantz; 13th: NJ; 14th: Real Phali; 15th: Drewbacca

Server Petitions

VODs and minutes for server petitions will henceforth be posted to a new website category: petitions!

This should make it easier for folks to find those documents without having to scroll through entire newsletters like this one. Here’s direct links to the last couple month’s entries:

Everstorm Server Obituaries

Final July Obituaries

  • SuperStone jumped after a skeleton into the void on his way to the dragon fight.
  • Lyric was not as prepared for the dragon fight as they thought they were.
  • Magenta felt the sweet embrace of the void after freeing the End

August Everstorm Obituaries

  • Magenta got cocky and thought she could beat the skeleton at its own game
  • RIP Haiden he died going very fast which is cool I guess
  • Chefnutmeg died to Skelly while setting up an outpost bolt hole

Upcoming September 17th 2022 Quarterly Meeting Agenda

  1. Discord channel culling – Joe
  2. Discord vacation mode – Joe
  3. Modmail documentation and tutorial – Em and Dahlia
  4. Clarify rules and structure – Phali
    1. highlight rules channel
    2. establish staff and roles more clearly
    3. notify current members of rule updates/changes
    4. implement start screen to introduce rules
  5. Clarify what constitutes hate speech or images in rules – Maahes

Meet-ups and Conventions

Confirmed upcoming conventions



Until next time, y’all…

Thanks as always to our Community Liaison ThatTommyBoii for helping me compile this week’s news!

Keep adventuring!