Petitions August 2022


  • Maahes0 petitions regarding status of server and its replacement
    • Joe suggests that even though Decorative Blocks has just updated to 1.19, folks have been winding down their builds and avoided starting new ones, so it is a good time to spin up Toxxic’s new modded server anyway
    • There are no objections to continuing with the plan as laid out last month

Deep Slate Nine Vanilla SMP

  • Sami requests Allay Destroyer swords
    • Mardigan asks if it would suffice to simply break Meep’s spawner
    • Joe inquires about feasibility of killing only undesirable allays with commands
    • Kindalas: the only viable item to kill allays is Sharpness 25+ diamond swords
    • Joe awards four Sharpness 255 wooden swords to Sami, with instructions to destroy after cleaning up the allays
  • Kindalas requests Warden Hunters book back as it is the last copy
    • Joe returns it
  • Kindalas requests back-up copy of server for lag-busting
    • Joe agrees to hire Kindalas to both evaluate world download and write up analysis and process blog post for publishing on his website
  • Mardigan requests release Kevin
    • Joe presses the button
  • Kindals requests ┬ápetrified oak slabs be added to B’hala loot table
    • Joe agrees