Petitions November 2022

Deep Slate Nine Vanilla SMP

  • Kindalas proxies for Mallora to get an enchanted netherite pickaxe lost in a server crash.
    • Granted
  • DottyMatrix requests a new elytra due to backup gear being lost in server crash.
    • Joe grants 64 diamonds and 525 bottles of enchanting in addition to an elytra to compensate for the lost items.
  • Maahes0 requests zombies and drowned stuck loaded in spawn chunks be cleared away
    • Granted
  • DiscoJanet requests invisible item frames for decoration purposes
    • Granted, all in attendance received 5 invisible item frames.
      • Invisible item frames also suggested as B’hala loot item.

Modded SMP

  • Bits and Chisel mod will be added
  • Adorn mod will be added
  • Craftable Elytra mod will be added
  • The ability to smelt deepslate into cobbled deepslate and a recipe for heart of the sea will be added via datapack
  • Hints for the remaining music discs were provided to those present

Vanillish SMP

  • TommyBoii awarded with one Allay spawn egg
  • WizardofDocs awarded with two Cat spawn eggs and two stacks of fish
  • All players awarded with custom item, Lucky Tunic
  • Cake and Cookie bonus saturation for Halloween disabled
  • Pumpkin Pie bonus saturation still in effect for November in celebration of American Thanksgiving