Newsletter #32 for January 9, 2023

Howdy, y’all!

Happy New Year! I’m launching into 2023 with help from our community Liaison ThatTommyBoii!

Final agenda for the Quarterly meeting

Our next Quarterly meeting is January 21st at 11am US Central time.

I will be on voice and screen-sharing on Discord, and Tommy will stream it on his channel as well. The VOD and minutes will be posted afterwards.

If anyone has feedback they’d like to ensure we see, please post it in the relevant channels in the #joe-hills-meta category.

  1. Creative work in 2023: episodes, streams, and songs
    1. Less freelance work, more creative energy
  2. Review patreon tiers and patreon community goals
  3. Vacation mode moving forward: how it will work and when to use it
  4. Minecraft Servers
    1. Long-term server reset schedule
    2. maintenance schedule – Brandon (netcropolis)
  5. Discord
    1. Image and embed functionality
      • Enable ability to share images in channels such as gaming-general and minecraft – Aviva
      • Text-only channels or categories
      • Spam channels clarification on posting non-user-created images.  – Tommy
    2. Channel culls and reintroductions
      • Follow-up: Review accessibility implications of screen readers and consolidated channels – Meep and Joe
      • Frequency of channel culling 
      • Adding channels back to discord 
    3. Review server emotes – Kindalas

New and returning channels under consideration

Here’s the current list of channel suggestions. If y’all have others you’d like to see considered, please share them between now and the Quarterly meeting in Joe Hills Meta > #feedback-more-channels

  • #dwarf-fortress
  • #food
  • #pokemon
  • #space
  • #spam-things-you-wrote
  • #spam-work-you-commissioned

New Year, new Pinball FX3 tournament series!

I’d like as many folks as possible to enjoy our weekly pinball tournament, so I’m kicking off 2023 with Fish Tales, a free download for anyone with Steam on their PC.

I hope to see you on the leaderboard!

Minecraft servers

Deep Slate Nine petitions

Petitions for January will be held on DS9 at 1pm Central on Jan 29th, followed by the Groundhog Day Parade!

Modded Server cliffside build competition

Looking for a long-term build contest? ToxxicGlitter wants you!

Build a home, city, post-apocalyptic society, or whatever dwelling you deem fit, in one of the sheer cliffs around spawn.

At noon Central on February 11th, I will be streaming a visit to the modded server to judge y’all’s work! I’m looking forward to it!

Rules and info can be found in SMP 1.19 Modded by ToxxicGlitter > #modded-cliffside-competition

Parade float build contests

Groundhog Day!

It’s Groundhog day! Again!

Team Redstone will be hosting our next Parade Float Build Contest on January 29th at 2pm Central!

If you’d like to participate, please sign up in Activity Sign Ups >  #jan-29-groundhog-day-parade

New Year’s!

Thanks to Team Radical for hosting the 2023 New Year’s Parade Float Build Contest!

Congratulations to our winners SuperStone and Dahlia!

Notable streams recently

Upcoming conventions

I hope to see some of y’all in March for Tennessee Game Days Spring! They should have registration info going live soon, so keep an eye on their website this week!

Until next time, y’all!

This has been Joe Hills with the ever-appreciated assistance of ThatTommyBoii!

Happy 2023, and keep adventuring!