Newsletter #11 for June 13th, 2022

Howdy, y’all!

Joe Hills here, reporting as I always do from Nashville, TN!

Minecraft Creator Summit pushes start of Wednesday craft stream 15 minutes late

ZombieCleo, JaneyLaney, and I are all excited to stream some crafts this Wednesday morning!

However, we also are all slated to attend the Minecraft Creator Summit that day, and their schedule just hit our inboxes with a surprise that the first session ends shortly after our craft stream was set to begin.

As such, we’ll be starting the craft stream at 8:45am US Central instead of our customary 8:30am.

Thanks for your understanding and see you Wednesday!

Weekly Pinball FX3 Challenge

Thanks to SamiHiggins again for organizing the return of our weekly Pinball FX3 tournaments! We had four folks compete in this round, but I’m optimistic that once the Steam Summer Sale rolls in and folks can pick up the tables cheaper, we’ll see even more!

Creature From the Black Lagoon results

Congratulations to J S Parker for taking the win this week with a score of over 81 million points!

The Tournament leaderboard showing Parker in first place, followed by SamiHiggins in second, MisterLantz in third, and NJCoffeeJunkie in 4th

This week: Monster Bash!

Sami has chosen Monster Bash for this week’s tournament, one of my favorites!
You can find the rules and password to join the tournament in the #weekly-pinball-challenges channel!

Game Nights

It was a big week for game nights last week!
Thanks to the generosity of my viewers, I was able to take some time off streaming to spend with family early last week, and my staff made sure there was plenty for the community to do in the meantime.
I appreciate QueenDarkLady, NJCoffeeJunkie, and ToxxicGlitter running Mario Kart 8, Minecraft strider races, and a session of the Avatar: Legends tabletop role-playing game for y’all.
The feedback I saw in each channel after the events seemed positive, and I look forward to scheduling more game nights in the future.

Gartic Phone re-scheduled

Do you enjoy drawing games with silly prompts?
ThatTommyBoii’s Gartic Phone game has been re-scheduled for Tuesday, June 21st at 8:30pm US Central time.
More details can be found in the #june-21-gartic-phone discord channel.

This Saturday: Quarterly meeting

Our next quarterly meeting will be held this Saturday, June 18th at noon,  preceding the 1pm server petitions session and 2pm HermitCraft mini-game field day.

The agenda

  1. Patreon reward tier review
  2. Patreon community goals and rewards
  3. Splitting petitions into multiple categories

If you have something you’d like to propose for the agenda, please post it in Joe Hills Meta > #next-quarter-new-business-requests. Thanks!

Minecraft Server Updates

Deep Slate Nine

WorldBorder expanded

The WorldBorder has been re-centered and expanded to the East, South, and West! How far does it go? It’s a mystery left to the imagination and to the intrepid explorers who enjoy me pushing boundaries.

B’hala expeditions begin

Twelve teams have begun creating their outposts around the mysterious Ancient City of B’hala!

I’ve been excited to see folks working together with their teams and the teams around them to determine how best to break ground on their areas.

Vanillish server launching soon

This week, I’ll be setting up a test versions of the Vanillish 1.19 server with all the data packs Yirggzmb requested.

I don’t want to promise a particular date until we verify 1.19 compatibility for everything, but if everything works as expected, we hope to launch as soon as sometime this week.


The Everstorm Server is resetting this Friday, June 17th, with new game rules from ToxxicGlitter!

Keep an eye on the #everstorm-june-2022 channel for details, and enjoy the May server while it lasts! Thanks again to Yirggzmb for setting that up!

Upcoming events

PlayOnCon tickets still available!

Come hang out with NJCoffeeJunkie, Yirggzmb, and myself in Columbiana, Alabama on July 7th–10th at PlayOnCon!

I’ve been an attendee and guest of PlayOnCon every year for over a decade, and it’s always incredible!

You can buy a hotel room and badge at:

Other upcoming conventions

Until Next Time, Y’all…

Thanks as always to Community Liaison ThatTommyBoii for help compiling and editing this newsletter!

I hope y’all have a fantastic week and keep adventuring!