Newsletter #10 for June 6th, 2022

Howdy folks!

It’s Tommy time! Community Liaison ThatTommyBoii reporting for newsletter duty! Joe has entrusted the writing of the newsletter to me this week, and I hope to do y’all proud!

I tend to overuse exclamation points, so I hope you can forgive my writing here. I’m just so excited! I’ll take a brief moment to wish everyone a happy pride month, now let’s jump into the updates!

Ten Years on HermitCraft

It has been an astounding ten years since HermitCraft began—that’s incredible!

As the OG new guy, Joe has had many adventures, and so he has created a reflection on what has surely been a life changing journey.

You can read that reflection over here:

I hope y’all reading out there share the same sentiment as me when I say thank you Joe, for all the adventures and entertainment you’ve provided for us over the years. Here’s to the more to come!

Crafts with Cleo streams

Joe had another fun craft stream with Cleo! This time around he was sketching pinball playfields. If you enjoy art as well as this duo’s shenanigans you can catch the VOD here:

And as a reminder for the next two weeks’ crafts stream schedule:

  • Week of June 5th:  There’s no craft stream this week due to scheduling conflicts!
  • Wednesday, June 15th: with guest and co-streamer Janey Laney, founder of BlackMinecraft!

Upcoming Quarterly Meetings

The next quarterly meeting will be June 18th at noon US Central time. This will then be followed by the 1pm server petitions session and then 2pm HermitCraft mini-game field day. I hope to see y’all there!

Current agenda items:

  1. Patreon reward tier review
  2. Patreon community goals and rewards

This is your time to give input as a community member, everyone is welcomed and encouraged to request agenda items. You can do so by posting it in Joe Hills Meta > #next-quarter-new-business-requests. Thanks a bunch!

Community game nights

If you’re looking for some fun activities, to make new friends, or to just hang out with the cool folks in our community now is a great time! We have a ton of game nights this month, don’t miss out!

If you haven’t joined Joe’s supporter Discord you can join us via I look forward to meeting any newcomers!

Weekly Pinball FX3 Tournaments hosted by SamiHiggins

This month we get to welcome back Sami to the staff team, and she’s bringing back the weekly pinball tournaments with her!

This week’s table will be the Creature from the Black Lagoon!

The tournament results will be posted in the newsletter, so if you’d like some fresh bragging rights be sure to join!

More information on this week’s tournament can be found in Activity-Sign-Ups > #weekly-pinball-challenges

If you’re looking to talk pinball unrelated to Sami’s tournament, you’ll find a home under Games > #pinball-general

June 6th: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe hosted by Queen Dark Lady

If you like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe you’re in luck! Queen Dark Lady will be hosting two hours of the game starting at 8pm US Central Time.

Joe won’t be live, so don’t worry about missing the show!

If you’re interested, please make sure you post your Nintendo friend code to  Activity-Sign-Ups > #june-6-mario-kart so QDL can add you in advance!

June 7th: Strider Racing on Deep Slate Nine hosted by NJCoffeeJunkie

If you’re on the minecraft server level Patreon tier this one’s for you! NJCoffeeJunkie will be hosting strider races on the Deep Slate Nine Vanilla SMP server at 8pm US Central Time!

If you’d like to watch the racing live you can do so at

If you have any questions, please let NJ know in Activity-Sign-Ups > #june-7-strider-racing

June 8th: Gartic Phone hosted by ThatTommyBoii

Oh hey it’s me! That’s right, I’ll be hosting a game of Gartic Phone at 8:30pm US Central Time. This is a free browser based drawing game, so anyone can play. No show from Joe this night either, I hope you join the fun!

Learn more at Activity-Sign-Ups > #june-8-gartic-phone

June 9th: Avatar Legends RPG with Dungeon Master ToxxicGlitter

Help, Help! a young girl in Ba Sing Se has been kidnapped. Her parents are distraught and need someone to help find her. Join a hardy crew of adventurers as they explore through Ba Sing Se a decade following the end of the 100 Year War.

There’s a bunch of TTRPGs lined up this month, the first one is being hosted by ToxxicGlitter!

This will be an early access look at the unreleased Avatar Legends: The Role Playing Game TTRPG, based off the Avatar: The Last Airbender universe.

More details to come, check out and join at Activity-Sign-Ups > #june-9-avatar-rpg.

For info about the six other TTRPGs being ran this month, check the Activity-Sign-Ups category.

June 18th: HermitCraft mini-game field day

If you’re a fan of the minigames made on HermitCraft in seasons past you’re in for a treat! Right after the June minecraft server petitions there’s gonna be a HermitCraft mini games field day!

The estimated start time is 2pm US Central.

Please RSVP in the Activity-Sign-Ups > #june-18-field-day so we can accommodate everyone. Thanks!

Minecraft Servers

We’re happy to welcome in the new folks who have joined in from the HermitCraft 10th anniversary stream!

In recognition of that influx, Joe has finally created a Minecraft Java room! You can find that under Games > #minecraft-java.

In related channel updates, the #modded-worldedit channel has been renamed to #minecraft-worldedit for clarity. Cool!

We have a lot of cool events going on in the Minecraft servers, you can join us via Joe’s Patreon at at the $10+ level!

Now let’s take a look at the Minecraft severs this week.

Coming soon: Vanillish server!

We’re getting closer to the launch of Server Operator Yirggzmb’s new project, the Vanillish server! Now is the perfect time to join, so you can be in the know before the launch!

Yirggy is the creative lead, and Joe will be the technical administrator. I’ve seen things developing behind the scenes, so I hope everyone is as excited as I am for the new server!

In case you’re curious about the Vanillish server, we published Yirggzmb’s server setup instructions last week in Newsletter #9.

Deep Slate Nine

With Minecraft 1.19 about to release we have an estimated June 9th-10th. window for maintenance to DS9. This update brings all things wild, I hope y’all are ready for it! Don’t forget, we have our B’hala build contest!

B’hala build contest updates

Tomorrow, June 7th, is the last day for any new teams to register! We have 12 awesome teams so far, I am totally stoked to see what everyone builds for their outposts! Final build locations and coordinates will be assigned when the server is updated later this week.

Expeditionary teams

There hasn’t been any additional teams created since last week’s newsletter, so here’s a list of all the current teams if you were looking for one to join or be neighbors with!

  • Blackwater: a western town inspired by Red Dead Redemption 2
  • The Society for the Conservation of Prehistory: a modern, governmental, and brutalist styled outpost
  • Deztiny: a resort themed outpost
  • Earth Kingdom: an Avatar: the Last Airbender-themed city inspired by Ba Sing Se
  • Holland: a tulips, windmills, canals, and old-fashioned stone and wood buildings styled outpost
  • Gaymers: a Trans! continental railroad buildsite themed outpost
  • Lotus: a Cambodian-architecture temple inspired by Angkor Wat
  • NotKansas: a Wizard of Oz inspired outpost
  • Remote Anomaly Discovery Institute Co-op and Lodgings: a lego with space and castle elements themed outpost
  • Redstone: a slime and honey block adorned outpost
  • Shiny: a space-western outpost inspired by Firefly
  • Warden Hunters: a dark medieval fantasy theme inspired by Mordheim/The Witcher


Looks like things have been quiet despite all the thunder on Everstorm this week.

No obituaries to report, phew!

Upcoming travel & conventions

You can spot Joe at the following events!

So long for now…

It’s my turn to give thanks this newsletter, and the first goes out to Joe! Thank you so much for letting me write this week’s newsletter, I’ve had so much fun! A big thank you also goes to you out there reading this, the community! You have put so much faith in me, and I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of a group so chock full of amazing folks. Thank you!

This has been TommyBoii reporting for newsletter duty.

See you around!