Newsletter #59 for September 2023

Howdy folks!

It’s Tommy time! Community Liaison ThatTommyBoii reporting for newsletter duty!

Welcome to our new monthly newsletter! Old and new readers alike can use this resource as a means to get all the news happening with Joe and his Patreon discord server! Without further ado, here’s the news!

Hermits return!

Joe’s been so excited to play more HermitCraft with his friends! You can see Joe playing Xisuma’s new Bedwars game, and on his team returning to the server is Hypno! I can’t recommend this episode enough to folks, take a look!

Joe’s also excited to see Iskall and Stress on the server again! You can check out their videos linked below, be sure to give them a warm welcome back!

Quarterly meeting and Petition minutes

We covered this already in our final weekly newsletter, but just to be safe I wanted to provide folks with this link to our quarterly meeting VOD and minutes along with this link to our petitions VOD and minutes.

These are worth checking out for information on how we operate the discord and for our upcoming build contests!

A quick update

I also wanted to take a moment to let folks know that since the quarterly meeting the staff have had one of our monthly meetings and have started cooking up our next wave of Minecraft servers.

They will have complimentary but not identical structures for handling complaints and conflicts so players with different play-styles will still have a home here. We recognize that one method of conflict resolution will not work for all types of players.

For more conflict averse players we will have a high tempo resolution system moderated by Yirggzmb on her more relaxed Vanillish server.

More aggressive play-styles will be optimized to problem solve amongst themselves on ToxxicGlitter’s Modded server, with Toxxic stepping in when necessary.

The Flagship Vanilla server with Joe as creative lead will continue in season 10 with a monthly petition approach somewhere in the middle of the previously mentioned servers. There will now be more accessibility as TommyBoii (that’s me!) will serve as a proxy for folks who feel they are unable to raise issues themselves for any reason.

The only confirmed date we have right now is the last day of Toxxic’s 1.19.2 Create Mod server. That will ending on October 2nd. More information will be announced in the near future, so keep an eye out for that in October’s newsletter!

Minecraft Servers

DS9 parades

August had only one parade held, and what a parade it was! In celebration of Independent Worker’s Day, folks built all kinds of floats on the Deep Slate Nine server! Here’s the VOD for anyone who missed it!

We have one last parade to hold at our B’Hala outposts, and it will be for Carl Garner Federal Lands Cleanup Day! The parade float build contest is hosted by Team Warden Hunters.

If you’re interested in participating you can join everyone on Saturday, September 23rd at 1pm US Central time. Be sure to bring enough materials to build your float, you only get 1 hour to build!

DS9 event schedule

  • DS9 Petitions
    • Saturday, September 23rd, Noon US Central Time
  • Carl Garner Federal Lands Cleanup Day, hosted by Team Warden Hunters
    • Saturday, September 23rd, 1pm US Central Time
  • Haunted Mansion Build Contest
    • Ongoing until judging on October 21st, 1pm US Central Time.
  • DS9 Petitions
    • Saturday, November 18th, Noon US Central Time.
  • DS9 Petitions
    • Saturday, December 9th, Noon US Central Time.
  • DS9 Petitions
    • Saturday, January 20th, Noon US Central Time.
  • Winter Snow Globe Build Contest
    • Saturday, January 20th, 1pm US Central Time.

August Everstorm Closes

Here are all the obituaries reported for August:

  • Magenta could not fend off the pillagers and the trident-wielding drowned at the same time
  • SuperStone was cornered in a cave by a heavily-enchanted skeleton.
  • ChefNutmeg was sniped by a skelly lighting up the nether fortress.
  • Ellas died to a tree climbing drowned, they lasted about 20 minutes
  • Eclogues withered away due to hubris
  • ruffboi died as he lived: ridiculous and easily jumpscared by creepers.
  • Beyr33 went out with a bang by falling 1900 blocks after killing the dragon.
  • seanard shot the moon and then landed in the void.
  • Gritmonger got blown up by a creeper while campfiring-up random villages to provide safe havens for people using return horns from the end.

The survivors of August’s Everstorm share these final reports:

  • Centuritron logged on to check out the server, didn’t know what to do, then logged back off alive.
  • SalemOleander was briefly enthralled with the random mining gifts, and made it out in one piece.
  • DottyMatrix decided that Everstorm was the right place to learn how to endbust for the first time, and returned with her own wings to tell the tale.
  • quilavabucket used this Everstorm to get over a fear of hardcore and successfully ran a deep dark city and fought the dragon.
  • Kindalas successfully built a starter house on the ruins of Magenta’s Starter House.
  • Laxmi13 needs to take more risks because she didn’t die building a house, mining, or fighting the dragon.
  • Mantuamaker found a hole and just kept digging.
  • MJ missed the Dragon fight because of sushi.
  • WizardOfDocs spent several happy hours mining for loot chests, and for all we know is still there to this day.

September Everstorm opens

Since August’s Everstorm was so well received Joe has resumed his creative lead role with more assistance from his 10 year old kid providing creative input! Together they have prepared 2 months of autumnal excitement for you to enjoy!

One feature already announced is use of the Horse Buff mod! With the server-side version you can expect to see fixes to horse movement when running up blocks and inclines. If players install the mod client side as well it will increase the speed at which blocks are broken when on horseback, so that’s cool!

PVP is off but no other details have been released. Joe keeps saying something about this being the most terrifying Everstorm ever, and that things are glitchy and weird. I have no idea what that all means; Can you figure out what’s happening there?!

Better be quick about it too, as this iteration ends on September 28th!

Pinball FX Weekly Tournament

If you’re interested in the tournament standings you can find that here. These placings are calculated on a player’s best 15 scores out of the whole series, so come and see how you can do! Here’s how folks held up in August’s weekly tournaments results!

August Winners

  • Week 5: Whirlwind results are available here and the winner was ToxxicGlitter!
  • Week 6: Junkyard results are available here and the winner was ToxxicGlitter again!
  • Week 7: Black Rose results are available here and the winner was ButterFlyGirlKMC!
  • Week 8: The Party Zone results are available here and the winner was Laxmi13!

Congrats to our winners for their awesome pinball skills! Here’s what you can expect to play during September!

September Tables

  • Week 9: The Machine: Bride of Pin•Bot
  • Week 10: Theatre of Magic
  • Week 11: Safecracker
  • Week 12: Champion Pub
  • Week 13: White Water

Do you have what it takes to join the ranks and climb to the top of the standings? Play pinball with us to find out!

HermitCraft 9 Videos

If you missed the episode that came out before the Bedwars video, no worries! Here’s episode 69!


Upcoming Streams

If you’re looking for a place to find out when Joe is streaming, have I got the answer for you! You can see a calendar of all Joe’s upcoming streams over at this page over here!

Notable streams playlists

Joe’s been playing more V-Rising with his betrothed, BadgerSpanner! Here’s a link to a playlist of the VODs!

Craft fans can enjoy all the latest arts and crafts VODs over at this playlist!

If you like to watch hermits playing TCG live you can see the latest VOD at this link!

Upcoming conventions

Update! Music City Multi Con ticket sales are open now! Get your tickets over at their website here so you can join in the fun!

TGD Fall registration is closed but you can still join their waitlist if any spots open up! Spring dates for TGD have been confirmed, so folks interested in attending can start putting that on their calendars!

So long for now…

I hope you enjoyed our first monthly newsletter! I think the structural changes it provides gives a more concise way to access information at once. It’s certainly easier to write it this way!

As always we welcome feedback under Joe Hills Meta > #feedback-newsletter. I look forward to writing for you next month!

This has been TommyBoii reporting for newsletter duty.

See you around!