Newsletter #7, for May 16th, 2022

Howdy, y’all!

Joe Hills here, writing as I always do in Nashville, TN!

A lot of folks died on the Everstorm servers this week, so why don’t we go learn about some ghosts!

Minecraft Servers

Everstorm mark II

Our second Everstorm instance ended last Friday, and we have one final obituary to close out the game:

  • QuiltyMel was blown up by a Creeper.

Thanks to everyone who participated! The #everstorm-april-2022 channel has been archived in the Zone of Archived Rooms category and set to read-only.

I’ve created a new channel, Joe Hills Meta > #everstorm-feedback so folks can share their thoughts about each Everstorm game. Feel free to drop us a comment there!

Yirggzmb’s Islands: Everstorm mark III

Last Friday we launched our first everstorm instance designed  by our new server operator Yirggzmb! This time around, the server is full of floating islands, and spawn in is a mesa! Good luck!

There  have of course, been many players who have already given up the ghost:

  • WizardOfDocs got punched by a laggy iron golem protesting the construction of an iron farm in its neighborhood. They are survived by the parquet floor in the storage area at spawn.
  • Atlantius fell while relocating a lightning rod, encouraged by Em to build it higher and jump into a water pit. Final words, fumbling with push-to-talk on the way down: “I’m an expert.”
  • ThatTommyBoii was caught by a spider.
  • Magenta met their fate to a creeper in the noble pursuit of sugarcane.
  • Kasikalli fell through a hole in the basement, and somehow ended up in the void.
  • In search of Carrots, ChefNutmeg was playing Spleef with a Zombie and lost.
  • While protecting a local villager a leather-clad zombie attacked HuffGLaDTem. Huff tried to run but got lagged backwards and murdered—the villager was saved.
  • While colleting corn flowers to decorate Des’ Hidey Hole, Kindalas was ambushed by a Spider Jockey and murdered.
  • Qwarkeh chose fight instead of flight.

Upcoming Experimental and Deep Slate Nine petitions sessions:

  • May 21st, 1pm US Central
  • June 18th, 1pm US Central
  • July 30th, 1pm US Central

Upcoming Quarterly Meetings

Our next quarterly meeting will be held on June 18th at noon,  preceding the 1pm server petitions session and 2pm HermitCraft mini-game field day.

Current agenda items:

  1. Patreon reward tier review

If you have something you’d like to propose for the agenda, please post it in #next-quarter-new-business-requests

Upcoming travel & conventions

Here’s a few events I’ll definitely be attending:

Keep Adventuring!

Thanks as always to our Community Liaison ThatTommyBoii for assisting with this newsletter!

Until next time y’all, this is Joe Hills from Nashville, TN. You know the rest.