Newsletter #61 for November 2023

Howdy folks!

It’s Tommy time! Community Liaison ThatTommyBoii reporting for newsletter duty!

I hope you’ve had a good month, and that November goes even better for you. Let’s see what’s in the news!

PAX Unplugged panel

I wanted to remind folks that Joe will be doing a panel with fellow Hermit VintageBeef at Pax Unplugged on December 3rd! They’ll be talking about the HermitCraft TCG so if you’re interested you can buy the Sunday badge to check out their 2:30pm panel in the Mothman Theatre (Grand Ballroom A).

Or you can attend the whole convention! Tickets are still on sale on their website here, we’d love to see you there! Yes, that was a “we”! I’ll also be in attendance, I’m so excited to meet more of the awesome people that make up our community!

If you’re unable to attend but would still like to see the panel, it will be livestreamed on this twitch channel.

HermitCraft TCG update

To everyone who purchased the HermitCraft TCG from Creo, thank you so much! There has been an update from the company about the status of shipping the cards! You can take a look at the full notes over here on Reddit.

The main takeaway to share from Creo is the following: “Our revised target is to have everything in the mail by the week of Nov 6th. 

2023 Q4 Quarterly Meeting

A reminder to folks, our next quarterly meeting is on Saturday, November 18th at 1pm US Central time. I will see folks there and as always stream it to my twitch channel for folks to watch it live. The VOD and meeting minutes will also be made available for folks at a later date and time.

Folks are encouraged to submit any agenda item requests to the Joe Hills Meta > #next-quarter-new-business-agenda-requests channel.

Minecraft Servers

DS9 October Petitions

VOD and minutes are available here!

Haunted Mansion Build Contest

With October coming to a close our Haunted Mansion build contest has ended! There were some really great builds from our community, I hope everyone had a great time!

If you want to see the unbelievable skills you can check out this VOD!

Winter Snow Globe Build Contest

This contest will be launching on November 18th during petitions, so if you want to be in the know of the snow, be sure to attend!

A quick summary of this contest is that folks will be making snow globes in marked plots. It will be an ongoing contest until Saturday, January 20th at 1pm US Central time. I’m sure when the rest of the details are released they’ll be very… cool!

DS9 event schedule

  • DS9 Petitions
    • Saturday, November 18th, Noon US Central Time.
  • DS9 Petitions
    • Saturday, December 9th, Noon US Central Time.
  • DS9 Petitions
    • Saturday, January 20th, Noon US Central Time.
  • Winter Snow Globe Build Contest
    • Saturday, January 20th, 1pm US Central Time.

October Everstorm closes

Here are all the obituaries reported for October:

  • Grit died like he always does on Everstorm, panicking and afraid.
  • May died as she lived, among piglin and feeling like her heart was leaping out of it’s chest.
  • eclogues was chased by skeletons into a hole, where a zombie ate what little brains he had
  • Arthr was too distracted by the prospect of a wolf friend to notice the creeper intersecting with them
  • Centuritron got in a bit over their head looking for diamonds, and suffered a fall due to Warden related injuries.
  • quilavabucket fell into a larger, less friendly bucket of lava while contemplating spooky mods
  • ruffboi was killed by a baby zombie who somehow managed to escape their zombie farm

No survivor’s posts yet for October’s Everstorm!

November Everstorm opens

This month Everstorm is getting a little more hands on! The only details I have to share are that pvp will be enabled and the server will be running the bending mod. Fans of Avatar the Last Airbender and/or Legend of Korra will enjoy this month for sure! Though I wonder what else is changed?

New Toxxic server

If you missed it, server operator ToxxicGlitter was creative lead on a creative server to test out the new building mod Axiom! It was really cool but now we’re getting ready to shut it down and bring you The New Hotness, a Vault Hunters server!

We don’t have an official launch date yet, as Iskall needs to first release the modpack and then Joe needs to spin up the server as per Toxxic’s instructions. I can tell you that it will be up within the first half of November, it will be modeled closely after the Hermit’s configuration, and will even use the same seed!

The end date is also not yet selected, but we guarantee the server will be up until the end of February 2024. A date will be finalized by the 1st of February, so have fun hunting vaults when you still can!

Pinball FX Weekly Tournament

After some discussion with some top pinball players, Joe has decided to wrap up the half year series early in favor of a monthly series! This will work similarly to the half year series, but instead of the best 15 standings counting to the final placings, we’ll be using the scores of the 4-5 tournaments per month.

Before we get to the weekly results, here’s the final winners with the full results available here!

Congratulations to ToxxicGlitter for taking first, Joe Hills for 2nd, ButterFlyGirlKMC for taking 3rd, Laxmi13 for 4th, and jsParker for 5th!

October Winners

  • Week 14: Star Trek: The Next Generation results are available here and the winner was ToxxicGlitter!
  • Week 15: Monster Bash results are available here and the winner was ToxxicGlitter!
  • Week 16: Creature from the Black Lagoon results are available here and the winner was Mr. Hardluck!
  • Week 17: Addams Family results are available here and the winner was Joe Hills!

Congrats to our winners for their awesome pinball skills! Here’s what you can expect to play during November!

November Series

  • Week 1: Twilight Zone
  • Week 2: Hurricane
  • Week 3: World Cup Soccer
  • Week 4: Road Show

Who will be our first winner? Only time will tell!

Vault Hunters

I’m sure folks have noticed the new modded series the Hermits have been playing! Joe’s been having such a great time playing Vault Hunters with everyone that he’s made a playlist for folks to watch! You can find that that playlist over here.

Also, there’s a Vault Hunters website! Did you know that? Cause I sure didn’t! Take a peek over at

HermitCraft 9 Videos

If you somehow have missed all of Joe’s episode the past month, no worries, I’ve got a link to where we left off since the last newsletter! There’s a ton of episodes to enjoy thanks to Decked Out 2 from TangoTek! If you haven’t seen Joe’s runs yet or if you want to watch them again, here’s the HermitCraft episodes playlist!


Upcoming Streams

If you’re looking for a place to find out when Joe is streaming, have I got the answer for you! You can see a calendar of all Joe’s upcoming streams over at this page over here!

Notable streams playlists

Crafts stream fans can enjoy all the latest arts and crafts VODs over at this playlist!

Watch Joe play Vault Hunters with his fellow Hermits in this convenient playlist!

Upcoming conventions

So long for now…

Phew! What an update, huh? Well it’s always my pleasure to keep folks in the know! I look forward to seeing you all next month!

This has been TommyBoii reporting for newsletter duty.

See you around!