Reflecting on my first week of my transition to full-time

Howdy, y’all!

Thanks to y’all’s amazing support, this week I began my transition from hobbyist to full-time “YouTuber” by working a mere three-day workweek at my day job!

With those extra two days, I have already been able to do the following:

  • Recorded an incredibly fun collab with VintageBeef and FalseSymmetry
  • Appeared on The Shaft Podcast for only the second time in nine years
  • Ordered parts to build a new streaming/recording PC that I hope will let me record at 1080p60
  • Learned how to add chapters to YouTube uploads
  • Spoke to the organizers of PlayOnCon about hosting the Minecraft build contest again this year, as well as a possible new Animal Crossing home tour event
  • Started compiling a list of all the entertaining and talented folks I have met in the last decade at conventions who I am overdue to invite as interview guests
  • Accepted a guest spot on next week’s Mindcrack Podcast to discuss current events and gaming with hosts Guude and Sev alongside fellow guest and active Hermitcraft member Docm77.
  • Selected a June book for my Patreon book club, which I’ve been too overwhelmed to hold the last several months: NYPL’s Stonewall Reader
  • Researched dedicated server hosting options and provisioned a new E-2288G equipped server to migrate our current Patreon realm, “Seven of Mine,” to later this month
  • Impressed by her recent efforts on the Draw4Charity fundraiser for Child’s Play, I interviewed and hired NJCoffeeJunkie for a few hours per month to help keep me organized and on track as I wrangle about seven years of ideas I never had time for

I look forward to another three-day workweek next week, and once July hits, I look forward to having even more time and energy!

Keep adventuring!