Staff roles

I can’t do everything myself, that’s why I’m fortunate to have folks working for me in several roles.

Public-Facing Roles

Most of our staff works in public-facing roles directly with the Patreon community or stream audiences to help create fun and safe experiences.

Community Liaison

The Community Liaison’s job is ensure that I hear what you need to tell me, and that I don’t screw up saying what I need to say.

I created this role in April of 2022, and ThatTommyBoii has been serving in it since!


  • Listen to community concerns and suggestions and add them to the agenda for consideration at quarterly meetings
  • Ensure records of public meetings are made and published
  • Draw from community statements and personal experience to provide early feedback on drafts of proposed policy or structure changes
  • Assist with weekly newsletter production when I’m available, write it without me when I’m not
  • Additional moderator duties based on staffing level and demand

Server Operator

Different players want different gameplay experiences from MineCraft, so I hired Yirggzmb and ToxxicGlitter to help create those for y’all in mid-2022.


  • Serve as creative lead on at least one community Minecraft server, deciding:
    • which data packs and mods to include
    • the world seed
    • server configuration options
  • Assist with emergencies on other servers as needed
  • Add and remove player access to servers as needed
  • Provide constructive feedback during brainstorming for other server operators


The moderator role was created to help keep streams and the Discord community conversations civil and provide coverage when I can’t keep an eye on things myself.

Currently, we have only one active dedicated moderator on staff, QueenDarkLady, who accepted this role in summer of 2022.

Additional coverage of these responsibilities is provided by our Community Liaison and Server Operators, who started out in moderator roles themselves in November of 2020.


  • Respond to Patreon Discord concerns via modmail
  • Check in on the Discord in 15-minute shifts and step in on any conversations that are getting out of hand
  • Assist as needed on streams where I can’t watch the chat myself (such as during racing games)

Support Staff

At present, our only staff member not serving in a public-facing role is NJCoffeeJunkie, our project manager.

In the future, this part of the staff may also include folks who help me ship merchandise or assist with events and productions, but we’re not quite there yet!

Project Manager

The role of the project manager is less public-facing than the other jobs around here. Since summer of 2020, NJCoffeeJunkie has been helping me keep track of my tasks and schedule.


  • Weekly private call on Monday about tasks and calendar
  • Weekly private call on Friday about episode and stream ideas and prerequisite groundwork
  • E-mail review of updated task lists and actions taken Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
  • Quarterly public planning calls on stream
  • Fallback support for moderator role