Some objectives toward lifelong work as an artist and entertainer

I love making fun videos, songs, and poetry for y’all. I want to do this for the rest of my life!

When I decided to take my creative work full-time, I wrote up the following objectives to help ensure my business decisions are sustainable in the long term and channel my energy toward creating meaningful experiences for my audience.

Please keep in mind that this isn’t my philosophy on creating my art or entertainment itself… that’s a different, less easily definable set of concerns.

These objectives scaffold and protect those creative efforts.

  • Stay sane while providing for family
    • Encourage others to do the same
    • Value the efforts of others
  • Encourage folks to connect with each other
    • Meetups
    • Live chat
    • Discord
  • Make the most of every effort
    • Identify small ways to multiply impact of work already done
    • Balance health and effort
  • Respect your audience
    • Create work that demonstrates understanding of why they support you
  • Learn and grow
  • Diversify technical risk
    • Don’t depend on anything that can be bought by Facebook
  • Create opportunities for others
    • Identify charity partners for year-round help
    • Promote the talent of others
    • Don’t try to do everything under one roof 

I hope you found those interesting in the very least—or maybe even that they help you shape how you carry out your own endeavors!