Concrete enough

Are there too many types of concrete,
Or not enough?

Sidewalks with pebbles,
Patios with seashells,
Pool decks with pockets of air
That give them the glamor of Castillo De San Marcos’ coquina,

Even in familiar places, I tread upon strange stone I know not how to shape,
In comfortable shoes constructed by strangers in unfamiliar lands,

I am separated from soil by structures worn and new,
atop structures trampled for decades.
I am in awe at the ingenuity of others,
Ashamed at my ignorance of their materials and techniques,
And curious how we can expect anyone to simply walk the earth
While others invent and construct such varied barriers.

Should we be imagining and crafting barriers ourselves
that such practice might yet increase our understanding
of the makings between us and the earth?

I can’t see the world in aggregate.